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User Comments for Week 9 QB Rankings

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A little help please, have Cutler on bye, have RG3 stashed and picked up Ryan Fitz to fill in bye week. Fitz or RG3??? Obvious choice if RG3 is out but if he plays what to do???

Thanks in advance.

Posted by:
mauricedeltaco 10/29/14 04:38 PM

FFTOOL BOX please help! Bout to make a trade ; I get Marshall & Steven Jackson for Jeremy Maclin . Good deal for me considering what's ahead for Marshall?

Posted by:
chiccarinelou 10/29/14 08:38 PM

Keep Maclin. SJ has no value and will just eat up a spot on your bench.

Posted by:
RamzFanz 10/29/14 08:59 PM

Would I be crazy to sit p. manning for rg3 this weekend?

Posted by:
majik626 10/30/14 12:57 AM

Brady or Brees? Or does it really matter?

Posted by: 10/30/14 03:04 PM

yes keep maclin!

Posted by:
moonwalker31 10/30/14 03:09 PM


Posted by:
moonwalker31 10/30/14 03:10 PM

Yes and Brady...Brees is horrible on the road

Posted by:
moonwalker31 10/30/14 03:10 PM

Thanks . Good call . What about lacy for sjax & marshall? My other recievers are Cobb Watkins & cooks .

Posted by:
chiccarinelou 10/30/14 09:15 PM

Basically Is Marshall gonna turn it on?

Posted by:
chiccarinelou 10/30/14 09:16 PM

I could use a little help, fellas. 14 team, non-PPR. I've been offered Stafford for Lacy. I have Romo starting, with an iffy back. Romo goes on bye week 11 and free agency is iffy. Best QB there is RGIII or Kyle Orton. My other RB's are; Tate, Ingram, Bush and Jeremy Hill. What do you guys think, should I pull the trigger?

Posted by:
Crod256 10/31/14 12:37 AM

Cutler on a bye. Hoyer vs Tampa or RG3?

Posted by:
ghokin 11/01/14 12:38 AM
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