Fantasy Football 2017 Dynasty Rankings: : QB
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2016 Dynasty Football Rankings

Updated Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Our Dynasty rankings are predicated on a five year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. we factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

26. Joe Flacco, QB, BAL - Age 32

Never totaled more than 30 TDs. Never topped 4,000 yards.

27. Tony Romo, QB, DAL - Age 36

If given 16 games, Romo can be a fringe QB1. Good luck counting on him to play in 16 games though.

28. Paxton Lynch, QB, DEN (R) - Age 23

If the Broncos announced him as their starter today, he's be inside the top 16. Still some really good weapons in Denver.

29. Alex Smith, QB, KC - Age 32

Acceptable stats, yet this offense and his arm isn't built to win Fantasy titles.
With Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, it's hard to say he really overachieved. Needs to be back with the Jets to retain any Fantasy value.
Developmental prospect that was at one time considered a potential top draft pick.

32. Sam Bradford, QB, MIN - Age 29

The ship has sailed on Bradford. For those still holding out hope, why?
Looks like he'll have another year to disappoint in San Francisco.
They're taking a flier on him to recapture his rookie magic. Don't count on it.
Brady's heir apparent. Worth a shot as long as Bill Belichick is coaching him.
First in line after Drew Brees. Not a bad place to be in a dynasty.
If he does eventually get the starting gig, Gabbert is a Fantasy afterthought.

38. Mark Sanchez, QB, DAL - Age 30

A placeholder for a team in need of a franchise QB.

39. Geno Smith, QB, NYJ - Age 26

Might get one final shot if things don't pan out for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

40. Cody Kessler, QB, CLE (R) - Age 23

You never know what is going to happen with RG3 and Kessler has the skills to beat Josh McCown as Cleveland's backup quarterback. In fact, Cleveland Browns GM Sashi Brown says he is competing with Robert Griffin III for the starting job, though that is a long shot.

41. Brett Hundley, QB, GB - Age 23

He's just sitting back trying to become the next Aaron Rodgers... Good luck with that.

42. Mike Glennon, QB, TB - Age 27

With Jameis Winston at the helm, Glennon has no value unless Winston goes down with a significant injury.

43. Brian Hoyer, QB, CHI - Age 31

Hoyer is old, he throws way too many interceptions and has blown opportunity after opportunity.

44. Josh McCown, QB, CLE - Age 37

His value has never been any lower now that Cleveland has RG3 and Cody Kessler.

45. Bryce Petty, QB, NYJ - Age 25

We still have yet to see him play but if Fitzpatrick doesn't resign with New York, he could get a chance if Geno struggles.

46. Landry Jones, QB, PIT - Age 27

A pedestrian quarterback who didn't show us much when he got his chance last season. Roethlisberger isn't going anywhere so Jones will ride the bench.

47. Ryan Mallett, QB, BAL - Age 28

Mallett was immature while with the Texans and will likely spend the next few years with a clipboard backing up Joe Flacco.
McCarron showed promise when Andy Dalton went down last season. It may have looked a little different if he didn't have the weapons he had but the product out of Alabama managed to throw six touchdowns compared to just two interceptions during the regular season. If not for some boneheaded plays on the defense, he would have led the Bengals the their first playoff win in ages.

49. Jacoby Brissett, QB, NE (R) - Age 24

Jimmy Garoppolo's contract is up next year so if he fails to perform this year if/when Brady serves his four-game suspension, the Patriots may elect to keep Brissett and let Jimmy G go.
The Titans just waived Mettenberger, and they absolutely had a good reason. He had the lowest total QBR since 2015 and an 0-10 record as a starter. If you want to take a chance on someone, look elsewhere.