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2012 Team Outlook: Chicago

A fantasy football preview of the Bears this year. Profiled players include Jay Cutler, Jason Campbell, Matt Forte, Michael Bush, and Lorenzo Booker.

Brandon Marshall is a stud receiver. Chicago fans have been waiting quite some time to see a receiver like this come to town. Marshall was at his best when he caught balls from Cutler in Denver. The other positive thing for Marshall and Cutler is the other talent at wide out. Jeffery, Hester and Bennett will provide plently of options in passing schemes. Do not let the claims of Marshall's borderline personality disorder scare you. He is going to post solid numbers this season and maybe even better.

Bennett tends to play slot receiver. Cutler trusts Bennett in these plays, but Bennett's production has declined. With Hester, Jeffery and Marshall as targets, Cutler will have many options. I like Marshall as the clear gavorite target. I think Jeffery and Hester come close second and Bennett takes third/fourth. If you can pick-up Bennett late in your draft he might have some good games and make your pick worth while.

If Alshon Jeffery's lower leg injury or unpreparedness limit him, expect to see Hester slide into the number two receiver role. Chicago has the ability to move Marshall, Hester, Jeffery and Bennett around in plays to open passing lanes. Hester is great down the field and will get chances. Hester's route running ability will keep him productive this season. Keep an eye on Jeffery's status and team reports. If he slips off of the radar Hester and Bennett should be on your sheet somewhere.

Spaeth drops to number three on the TE depth chart as of recent reports. Kellen Davis will be the starter and be backed-up by rookie Evan Rodriguez. Spaeth may get some chances as he has some chemistry with Cutler, but it appears the other TEs will take the forefront.

Davis will be the starting tight end. He caught 18 passes for 206 yards and 5 TDs last season. He is not at the top of my TE list, but could always play a factor in a newly stacked Chicago passing game. Look for Davis to be closely followed on the depth chart by Evan Rodriguez with Matt Spaeth looking to get into plays as well. Each will get some chances and Cutler will find his favorite TE target. I think it will be Davis and Rodriguez could be a surprise.

Rodriguez is a big, rookie tight end and might be just the target Jay Cutler likes. However, Kellen Davis is the starter for now and Rodriguez will have to prove his effectiveness. Look for him to be a super sleeper pick. A Mike Tice run offense will definitely have some tight end plays as Tice is an old TE.

Rodriguez has produced some bright moments this preseason. Look for him to surprise down the stretch and maybe earlier in the season. His super sleeper status might soon be categorized as sleeper.