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2012 Team Outlook: Miami

A fantasy football preview of the Dolphins this year. Profiled players include Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill, David Garrard, Lamar Miller, and Reggie Bush.


The quarterback position in Miami is up for grabs this season. Last year Moore played well but I don't know that his performance was enough to earn him the starting position this season. Matt will be battling David Garrard a former pro bowler and rookie Ryan Tannehill for the starting position. Early indications point to Garrard leading the way but this could change at any moment. One bad day on the practice field or a bad series in an exhibition game could put an end to any chance either of these quarterbacks have at starting. At this point it's too much of a gamble to draft Moore as we just don't know if he will be the starter come week one. Should Moore happen to win the starting position he'll need to produce wins in order to stay on the field. A few bad weeks early in the season and Moore could find himself watching a few games from the sideline. There are just too many questions surrounding the quarterback position in Miami this season for anyone to comfortably draft one of their quarterbacks.

Update (8/22): Moore did nothing during OTAs and little during pre-season and as a result he has lost his starting job in Miami. At this point Miami has to keep him on the roster because Garrard is sidelined with a knee injury. If the Dolphins keep both Moore and Garrard (not expected) then we could see Moore cut once David returns.

Injury Status: Doubtful - Foot


The Dolphins didn't take Ryan Tannehill with the 8th overall pick in the 2012 draft to pay him big bucks while watching from the sideline. Tannehill does have a leg up on incumbant Matt Moore when it comes to Mike Sherman's playbook, but that doesn't mean he's ready to start. Tannehill has to learn how to read NFL defenses and gain some appreciation for the speed of the game at this level. Tannehill may not be Miami's starting quarterback week one, but it wouldn't surprise us to see him starting at some point this season. To begin the season Tannehill will likely be third on the depth chart behind Garrard and Moore. If you're in a deep league or keeper league then selecting Tannehill in the late rounds might be a good idea. This could give you a leg up on the competition next season. If you happen to be in a larger league then late round picks can sometimes be useful for future seasons.

Update (8/22): Matt Moore did nothing to impress the Dolphins coaching staff while Tannehill did everything to impress, which in turn has resulted in Ryan being named the Dolphins' starter week 1. In a dynasty league Ryan may hold some long term value, but in standard redraft leagues he holds little value. With just 19 games under center in his college career, transitioning to the big league won't be easy for him.

Injury Status: Injured Reserve


Early indications point to Garrard winning the starting position in Miami this season. This of course could all be a hoax with Moore or even Tannehill winning the starting job. Should Garrard win the job, there's no guarantee he'll keep it. If the Dolphins start the season off with a couple of bad losses, David could lose the starting role. In addition, Garrard missed all of last season with a back injury and he has hadKrohns disease his entire career. While we can't predict injuries it is often a wise choice to avoid players who consistently find themselves sidelined due to injury year after year. With a new offense to learn, returning to action after missing a year and all the competition at the position it is probably a good idea to stay clear of Miami's quarterbacks.

Update(8/22): It looks like Garrard will be cut before the season begins. David may have been the best option for Miami up until the knee injury, but with a bum knee and a $2.75 million salary it is going to be tough for Miami to keep him on the roster.


At this point the third running back position is up for grabs between Clay, Slaton and the rookie from "the U". Miller's style of play is similar to Reggie Bush, so he could fit in well with Miami's west coast offense. Many believe the Dolphins got a great deal when they drafted Miller with the second pick in the fourth round. The drawback with Miller is his place on the depth chart. Unless something drastically changes, it is likely Miller won't see enough playing time to be fantasy worthy. Then again, if Daniel Thomas struggles during camp...


If the Dolphins are going to win games this season they'll need to do so on the shoulders of Reggie Bush. Bush is a big time play maker who can break a game wide open. When he does, fantasy owners love having Reggie on their team. The problem is when Bush doesn't break one, his numbers are not the greatest and fantasy teams suffer. If you're looking for a second back with potential to be a number one then Bush is a good selection. Just keep in mind he's likely to have a few games where he only scores 5 or 6 points.


Last season was Thomas' first year in the NFL. In 13 games Daniel carried the ball 165 times for 581 yards with no rushing touchdowns. This year we don't expect much of an improvement in Thomas' numbers. Daniel will likely spend most of his time playing behind Bush in the Dolphins' west coast offense. When on the field with Bush, Thomas will likely be held in to block. If you're a Reggie Bush owner you have to grab Thomas at some point in the draft. If Bush goes down, Thomas will be the primary back in Miami.