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2012 Team Outlook: Miami

A fantasy football preview of the Dolphins this year. Profiled players include Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, David Garrard, Lamar Miller, and Reggie Bush.

Slaton signed a one year deal with the Dolphins this off season. In order for Slaton to even make the team, he'll need to really impress the coaches in camp and during preseason games. Even if he does make the team, he'll be Miami's fourth back getting little to no playing time.

Last season Hartline finished the season as the Dolphins' second best reveiver with 35 receptions for 549 yards. This year Hartline will need to double his output in order to make up for the loss of Brandon Marshall. Doubling his output may sound like a stretch, but with Marshall no longer on the field someone has to pick up his receptions. This year we should see Hartline and Bess as the beneficiaries of Marshall's trade to Chicago. The two should post similar numbers good enough to be drafted as a backup receiver on most fantasy teams.

When Miami sent pro bowl receiver Brandon Marshall to Chicago, they left a large gap in their receiving corp. Marshall had 81 receptions for 1,214 yards with 6 touchdowns. Combining the stats for Bess and Hartline last season the two had 85 receptions for 1,086 yards with 4 touchdowns. Bess and Hartline have some big shoes to fill if the Dolphins passing game is going to be successful this season. Someone has to pick up the receptions, yards and touchdowns Marshall had last season. Bess and Hartline will be the beneficiaries, but which receiver takes the lead role is up in the air. We could see Bess one week and Hartline the next. Bess should post descent numbers good enough to make him a quality backup in most fantasy leagues.

If Chad Johnson (Ochocinco whatever he's going by these days) had anything left in the tank, he sure didn't show it last season. While playing for the Patriots in 2001 Chad caught just 15 passes in 15 games, totalling 276 with just a single touchdown. At one point during the season it was rumored the Patriots offense was too complex for Chad, thus causing him to produce less than stellar numbers. This year Chad will be asked to learn yet another offense; one which will require him to run precise routes and beat opposing defenders off the line. While it is possible Chad could have a good season, indicators point to a mediocre year at best. Unless something changes between now and week 1 it is best to stay away from Chad this year.

UPDATE (8-12): The Dolphins released Chad Johnson one day after the veteran receiver was arrested in a domestic battery incident involving his wife, the Associated Press reported...and that ends that. There was a hint of interest in Johnson largely because the Dolphins' other options are just so not good, but now he's out and Miami goes looking elsewhere for a veteran option. Don't bother wasting a pick on Johnson hoping some other team takes a flyer. They won't, not an NFL team anyway. (BS)

After spending last year in Carolina, Naanee signed a one year deal with the Dolphins this off season. Naanee has the potential to be a quality receiver in the NFL, but he never seems to play up to that potential. At times we see flashes of what could be, but the flash fizzles as quick as they come and we're back to wondering what could be. Until we see some quality starts for a number of weeks, it is best to only add Naanee to your roster if you're in a deep league.

Undrafted out of San Diego State in 2010, Wallace's NFL career to date has largely been about special teams. Seeing as there is little special about the Dolphins wide receivers, the 6-foot-4, 222-pounder could be line for more than just chasing down returners. Wallace caught four passes in the preseason opener and actually started the Dolphins second game with Brian Hartline sidelined with a calf injury. Like the rest of the Dolphins receivers besides Davone Bess in PPR, Wallace is not draftable as anything more than total flyer in deep, deep leagues even if he remains the starter. Add the raw talent to the long list of training camp stories worth monitoring this offseason.