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2012 Team Outlook: New York Jets

A fantasy football preview of the J-E-T-S this year. Profiled players include Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Bilal Powell, Terrance Ganaway, and Shonn Greene.


From a fantasy perspective, Sanchez is not a horrible quarterback. For the most part Mark's numbers are pretty consistent, with a nice 300 yard game tossed in every now and again. Of course with every good game comes a not so great performance, so playing Sanchez week to week can be risky. At the end of last season a few Jets players questioned Mark's work ethic and committment to the team. Sanchez used this along with the Tebow signing to fuel his off season training. While Tebow will take away a few snaps from Mark this season, it shouldn't be enough for fantasy owners to worry. After all, Tebow is known more for his scrambling ability than his pass game. Sanchez' numbers this season should be better than last year, yet not good enough to warrant a starting spot in most fantasy leagues. If you're looking for a solid backup with starting potential then Sanchez would be a good place to start.

Update (8/22): Sanchez has done very little in his two pre-season games this year. His lackluster performance has been partially his fault, partially the offensive line, the receiving corp ... pretty much the whole offense is in shambles. At this point it looks like this could be Mark's worst year of his short career. Drafting Sanchez is a big gamble and should only be done in big leagues.

Injury Status: Out - Coach's Decision


When the Jets signed Tebow, everyone began to wonder how he would fit into the offense. At first Rex said the Jets would run a two quarterback offense. Then a few weeks later Rex said Tebow could see as many as 20 snaps a game. If the latter is true Sanchez and Tebow will be useless to fantasy owners. For the sanity of fantasy owners we hope Rex keeps one of these guys under center and uses the other in the wildcat offense (similar to how Brad Smith was used). If Tebow's future is 4-6 snaps a game in a wildcat offense then he holds no fantasy value to anyone other than Mark Sanchez owner. On the other hand, if Sanchez doesn't produce then we could see Tebow under center 20 times a game. Unless you're planning to draft Sanchez I'd stay away from Tebow until the late rounds.


The 2011 season was Powell's rookie year. In limited action Bilal saw 13 carries, which totalled just 21 yards. Unless something happens to Greene, Tebow and McKnight Bilal won't see more than a handfull of touches this season. Couple his lack of carries last year with Jets rookie Terrance Ganaway and there's a chance Powell could fall to fourth on the depth chart. At this point there is no reason for fantasy owners to draft Powell.

Update (8/22): With his on the field performance and McKnight's shine problems, Powell may have vaulted to number two on the depth chart. Owners looking to handcuff Greene need to keep an eye on the Powell/McKnight battle.


With a thin backfield, anything is possible for the Jets this season. One possibility is that we could see Ganaway work his way up the depth chart becoming Greene's backup. With RG3 in front of you, the opportunities to shine were few and far between for Ganaway. He's a big back with good potential on a team with a weak backfield. It wouldn't surprise me to see the rookie work his way into a few games this season. If Ganaway produces during the pre-season, he could be a valuable handcuff for Shonn Greene owners.


Sure Greene rushed for 1,000 yards last year (1,054 to be exact), but that doesn't say a lot. Over a 16 game season that's only 66 yards per game. Add in just 6 rushing touchdowns and Greene is scoring just 6 points a week with an additional 6 points every 2.5 games. From a fantasy perspective that just doesn't get it done. This year Greene will be the Jets' feature back and many believe Shonn won't be able to carry the load. If Greene can stay healthy, he could be a good starting back this season. However, there are questions as to how many games Greene will play, so draft Shonn with this in mind. Greene has the potential to be a fantasy starter if he can stay healthy. If you're looking for a solid third back with starter potential than Greene is your man.


Aside from Shonn Greene, the only other back in a Jets uniform who has carried the ball more than 50 times in their NFL career is McKnight. This means if you're drafting Greene and want his backup, you'll need to pick up McKnight with his 82 career carries for 323 yards. The second best rusher for New York this season likely won't be a running back, but backup quarterback Tim Tebow. While it's nice to handcuff your backs, it is best to stay away from Joe until late in the draft (if at all).

Update (8/22): When training camp began the number two running back position was McKnight's to lose. Fast forward a few weeks and a couple of games; add in a shine injury and it appears Joe may drop to third on the depth chart. If you're looking to handcuff Greene you'll need to keep an eye on the McKnight/Powell race. At the moment it appears Powell may have jumped over McKnight.