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Top 25 Rookie Rankings for Dynasty Drafts

We rank this year's crop of rookies by their long-term value. Profiled players include Trent Richardson, Robert Griffin III, Doug Martin, Andrew Luck, and David Wilson.

The true sleeper in the WR bunch, Givens hauled in 80 receptions last season at Wake Forest. The quality route-runner could start and is sneaky bet to lead the Rams in catches.

The starting slot opposite A.J. Green is wide open and Sanu is another receiver with the size and skill to make an impact as a rookie

Freaky physical talent, but raw skill set and the combination of Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow at quarterback keeps his value in check.

The former Miami star had first round buzz before health concerns bumped him down several rounds. Miller is a home run threat and it's not like the Dolphins' others runners are incredibly established.

A surprise first round selection, Jenkins faces a slow ride into fantasy worthiness playing in a system that is run-heavy and in a group with more proven or at least more intriguing potential.

The Ravens second running back is often a short yardage vulture and the physical Pierce fits that mold, and then some.

Regardless of whether Rashard Mendenhall or Isaac Redman is the starter, the Steelers need another player to serve as the backfield's pass catcher.

If Manning is truly back, Osweiler will serve in his apprenticeship role for a while. If Manning's return is a relatively short, the 6-foot-8 gunner's second-round status means Denver will give him first chance at taking over.