Top 25 Rookie Rankings for Dynasty Drafts (QBs Only)

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Top 25 Rookie Rankings for Dynasty Drafts

We rank this year's crop of rookies by their long-term value. Profiled players include Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Weeden.

Don 't expect Cam Newton production as a rookie, but RG3's upside is rather immense with his combination of world class speed, a rocket arm and the kind of crazy charisma teammates and fans fall in behind.

Unless every scout known to man is wrong, this signal caller is the real deal. Could be a struggle early on during the Colts' transition from what's his name, but for those thinking long haul, nice.

Not only was the former Texas A&M passer arguably over-drafted, he landed on a team devoid of receiving talent. Dolphins are committed to Tannehill so long road ahead and eventually (one would think) they find him a legit WR1 type.

From big man on campus at Wisconsin to third round pick in the NFL Draft by Seattle to being named the Seahawks Week 1 starter, its already been an eventful ride for one Russell Wilson. Passed over by many teams due to his 5-foot-11 size, Wilson is the left coast version of Tim Tebow but with much better passing mechanics: He wins, plain and simple. Whether that translates into fantasy stardom is another story, though his scrambling ability will help maintain a steady level most weeks. The Seahawks current lack of high-end receiver weapons hurts his cause, but Wilson will be a popular option this season - and likely beyond.

Should start immediately, but advanced age limits long-term potential. That, and the Browns' lack of receiving options.

If Manning is truly back, Osweiler will serve in his apprenticeship role for a while. If Manning's return is a relatively short, the 6-foot-8 gunner's second-round status means Denver will give him first chance at taking over.