Week 3: Super Sleepers

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Week 3: Super Sleepers

While we're not projecting starting type stats for these players, they have good potential and could surprise. This week's picks include Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andre Brown, Daryl Richardson, and Danny Amendola.

There's a reason we call these guys super sleepers. Often times they are filling in for a starter or we believe they'll get enough touches in garbage time to make them fantasy worthy. These guys aren't going to carry your team to the playoffs, but they could come in handy during a bye week or to fill a gap due to injury. If you're looking for someone then check these guys out. A good number of these guys are still available in many leagues.

I'll admit calling a starting quarterback who is owned in nearly 80% of fantasy leagues a super sleeper is a bit of a stretch. Setting this aside, we like the matchup of Dalton against the Redskins this weekend. Through the first two games no other team has allowed more passing touchdowns than Washington's six. In addition, the Redskins have allowed 627 passing yards the second most in the league. Add in the loss of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker and the Redskins pass rush takes a hit. In addition, CB Josh Wilson and S Brandon Meriweather may not be ready for this weekend's game either. Add in the high scoring Redskins offense and we have a receipt for a back and forth high scoring offensive battle. If you're an Andy Dalton owner, this week could be a great chance to get him into your starting lineup.

We did feature Fitzpatrick week one when Buffalo went to New York and while his overall performance wasn't that great, Ryan did finish the game with three touchdown passes. If you're in a league that doesn't penalize for interceptions then Ryan's performance week one (while not great) wasn't all that bad. This week the Bills head to Cleveland to face one of five secondary's that have allowed over 600 yards passing in the first two weeks. Add to this Cleveland's woes of 5 allowed passing touchdowns (second worst in the league) and we have what on paper could be a nice matchup for Fitzpatrick. If the running game for Buffalo continues to perform as it has with Spiller at the helm, the passing game has to get better. Look for the Browns defense to sure up the line and attempt to slow down Spiller. This should allow Ryan more time in the pocket, giving him a much better chance at success.

The Giants' running game took a hit Sunday in Tampa when Ahmad Bradshaw left the game with a neck injury. Up till that point the only other Giants back to carry the ball was David Wilson and he fumbled one of his 2 week one carries. With Wilson in Coughlin's doghouse, the Giants turned to Andre Brown to carry the load. When the dust settled Brown had carried the ball just 13 times for 71 yards, a nice 5.4 yard per carry average with a trip to the house and a pair of receptions for 19 yards. In addition, if your league awards points for the two point conversion then Brown's numbers look even better when you add in Andre's 2 point conversion following Cruz's 80-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. With the Giants playing Thursday night and Bradshaw suffering from a neck injury, it is probably safe to say Brown will get the start against the Panthers. If you're looking to handcuff Bradshaw then Brown is your man.

Many believed Isaiah Pead (the Rams' 2nd round pick out of Cincinnati) would be the backup for Steven Jackson should he miss time on the field. Then in week one we see Richardson (not Pead) take the field a few times to spell Jackson. Again in week two it is Daryl who takes over for Jackson after is forced out of the game due to a tight groin. Everyone was under the impression Pead would take over the reins in Jackson's absence with Richardson getting a few carries on third downs. Now that we've seen a couple of games, it appears those rolls have changed and fantasy owners need to add Richardson to their roster. If you're a Steven Jackson owner it is time to drop Pead and grab Richardson. While it sounds like Jackson will be able to play this week, there's just no telling when he could miss time on field. Richardson's 15 carries for 83 yards in Sunday's game against the Redskins shows he has what it takes to step in should the team need his services.

If you're in a deep league, there's a chance you started Amendola last week and reaped the benefits of his 15 receptions for 160 yards and a touchdown against the Redskins. Now don't go thinking this is something we're going to start seeing week in and week out. Take Dallas' Kevin Ogletree for example; a spectacular week one only to have 1 reception for 26 yards a week later. I'd expect to see similar type games from Amendola throughout the season. One week he'll have 5-6 receptions for 60-80 yards and then against the right defense he'll pull down 10 for 120 yards and a touchdown. You have like Amendola's situation a little more than that of an Ogletree. The Rams don't have 4 weapons on offense like the Cowboys. Aside from Stephen Jackson, the Rams are a team trying to find their identity. If Amendola starts to become a security blanket for Bradford then Danny could have a very nice season ahead of him. The third year man out of Texas Tech is only available in about 25% of fantasy leagues; if you're in one of them, picking him up this week could be a wise decision.