Week 5: IDP Starters

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Week 5: IDP Starters

The top IDP starters for the upcoming week This week's picks include Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Aaron Kampman, Osi Umenyiora, Keith Brooking, and Keith Bulluck.

At risk of losing more playing time to up-and-coming Cullen Jenkins, KGB has been re-invigorated lately recording 3.5 sacks in the last two games. He faces another positive scenario this weekend against a very sloppy looking Chicago Bears offensive line and could easily make it three big games in a row.

His tackle numbers are down somewhat this season, but he's still getting to the quarterback (2.5 sacks in four games). Expect him - and the rest of the Green Bay pass rush - to put plenty of pressure on Brian Griese, who could pull a second consecutive week's worth of his best Rex Grossman impression.

6 sacks in one game. Let me just repeat that statement so that it really sinks in: 6! Sacks! In! One! Game! Sure, he'd only had 1 sack in the preceding 6 games, but after a performance like this, you don't dare sit him. The Jets are among the more generous teams in the NFL when it comes to giving opponents shots at their QBs, so you know Umenyiora will have a few chances this weekend.

Keith Brooking has had a relatively slow start to this season and will need to really get it going if his team hopes to slow down the big running attack of the Tennessee Titans. The Titans love to establish the inside run and it'll be largely up to Brooking to stuff the middle and make some tackles. I see him breaking out of his low-tackling funk this weekend.

Bulluck looks to get back on track after taking a week off and what better team to do it against than the lowly Falcons. Bullock's last game included an amazing 3 interception performance and he'll be looking to capitalize against Joey Harrington – one of the all-time kings of that particular statistic.

Detroit is a great opponent for opposing fantasy IDPs. Though their wide-open style passing attack doesn't yield that many tackle opportunities, their knack for turning over the ball and giving up sacks makes them a great foil for someone like Fletcher, who makes plays all over the field. Expect at least one big play from the veteran this weekend.

Harris continues to be the top performer on this re-invented Chiefs' linebacking corps. All three (Harris, Johnson, and Edwards) can be shifted and shuffled on this defense and Gunther Cunningham has really done a stellar job of getting the most out of their respective talents, while continually giving the offense different looks. Even against a fairly good ball-control offense, Harris retains big play potential.