Week 6: IDP Starters

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Week 6: IDP Starters

The top IDP starters for the upcoming week This week's picks include Mark Anderson, Shawne Merriman, Osi Umenyiora, Lance Briggs, and Derrick Brooks.

Anderson has 4 sacks in the last 4 games, justifying Lovie Smith's decision to stick with him over the disgruntled Alex Brown. The Vikings' offensive line has shown plenty of holes in protection this season and Anderson has displayed a knack for making it through against even the most solid of blocking schemes.

Chargers' defensive coordinator Ted Cotrell in response to charges he's being too conservative with his star pass-rushing linebackers: "Well, whatever. I'm not going to argue with you. But I'm not sitting back and playing frickin' coverage – don't tell me I'm not going after people" (San Diego Union-Tribune). Maybe this week he'll open the floodgates again versus an offense that can be knocked out of its rhythm by steady pressure.

A third consecutive favorable matchup should mean a continuing streak of big games for Osi Umenyiora. Atlanta is currently third in the league in sacks allowed. Couple either the stationary Joey Harrington or the stagnant Byron Leftwich with a makeshift O-line and you've got a formula for opposing IDP success.

An absolutely huge return to the lineup last week for Lance Briggs. Seems he was making up for lost time and decided to chalk up 16 unassisted tackles, helping the Bears to win at Lambeau. A healthy Lance Briggs is a great fantasy commodity. Return him to IDP starter status immediately (if you haven't already done so).

Age doesn't seem to have caught up with Derrick Brooks yet, as he is again among the league's leaders in tackles. No sacks or picks yet this season, but his steady play has earned him a spot as one of the top IDPs thus far in 2007. He should further pad his tackle numbers against the Titans.

He's riding a three-game interception streak but, against a resurgent Chargers passing attack, the fourth game is no guarantee. Still, this young linebacker has shown an uncanny sense for making the big play and – since he's liable to be on the field plenty against the Chargers – he'll get a few shots to come up big this Sunday.

Julian Peterson has been an absolute force for a Seattle defense that is thriving right now, giving up an average of only two touchdowns (14.8 ppg). Against New Orleans' sputtering offense (12.75 ppg), the ball-hawking Peterson could have a field day. He gets involved in all aspects of the game and will be a factor whether or not this is the week the Saints rediscover their continuity on offense.