2013 Team Outlook: Jacksonville Jaguars

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2013 Team Outlook: Jacksonville Jaguars

A fantasy football preview of the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. Profiled players include Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Justin Forsett, Denard Robinson, and Jordan Todman.

Update September 19, 2013 - Gabbert is out with injury. He might not get his job back.

Update: August 19, 2013 - Gabbert has been officialy name the starter for week 1.

Gabbert was only slightly better in year 2 than he was in year 1. That isn't saying much. He goes to camp in an open competition with Chad Henne, who isn't much better. The starting QB for the Jags will most likely end up being the QB that is least bad in training camp. Don't hold out any high hope that Gabbert will take miraculous steps and become a useful QB. Not gonna happen. At this point I can't imagine a reason to draft Gabbert.

Update September 19, 2013 - Henne is the starter due to Gabbert injury.

Chad Henne is only slightly better than Gabbert and that isn't saying very much. For that reason only, I see him winning the starting job, but because he really isn't that good himself, Henne could lose it very quickly. As with Gabbert, no reason at all to draft this guy, find your QBs elsewhere.

Forsett was signed as a change of pace running back to compliment MJD. Last season, in Houston, Forsett didn't get much of a look playing as the #3 on the depth chart. This season he should get more run, especially to try and keep MJD fresh and healthy after missing most of last season. Forsett will fit nicely in the new zone blocking the Jags will be using as he has past experience with it. It is much too early to know exactly how Forsett will be used. Follow him through training camp to see where he stands in the depth chart.

Receiver, running back , maybe even Quarterback? Who knows where Denard Robinson will line up, but no matter where it is, it won't be somewhere that makes him worthy of a fantasy roster. Is it possible he has some good games - sure, but no one will be able to know when that is and it definitely won't be on a consistent basis. Avoid the hype, let someone else draft him and deal with him.

Update September 19 2013 - Jordan Todman has become the number 2 back and could start this week if MJD is out.

Update 10-25-2013 - MJD is healthy but not very productive. At this point he isnt an every week starter and should only be used for bye week fill in or based on match up, until he shows he can consistently productive again.

Update September 19 -2013 - MJD sitting out practice. He might not play this week.

Profile - Before last season MJD had been one of the more consistent fantasy RBS as well as being one of the more durable ones, missing only 3 games over his first 6 seasons. 2012 was different for MJD as he set career lows in all categories mainly due to the fact that he only played in 6 games. He has been working hard to be ready ahead of training camp and at this point it is a wait and see with him. Can't judge his draft status until he shows if he is back fully from his injury. Stay tuned for more info as training camp gets closer.