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2013 Team Outlook: Chicago Bears

A fantasy football preview of the Chicago Bears this season. Profiled players include Jay Cutler, Josh McCown, Matt Forte, Michael Bush, and Brandon Marshall.

Alshon has the talent, now he needs to show it. He had a few decent outings last season, but they entailed a few receptions for big yardage. Jeffery is a deep threat and could be a great sleeper pick-up at wideout this season. The addition of Bennett at TE might help or might hinder Jeffery's workload, we will have to wait and see. Any way about it, Cutler should have targets. I like Jeffery for a breakout season this year.

Update 8/23/13 - I still like Jeffery, but it appears his targets and touches might be limited given his slide down the passing priority list. Jeffery's trouble breaking from coverage makes him a greater risk than some other targets - Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte to be specific. Jeffery can still be considered a sleeper, but might fall to the next tier on your draft list.

Wilson looks to move up the chart at wideout after his solid pre-season performance. Four receptions for 82 yards and a score shows he has the potential to make an impact. Wilson might be one of those guys you target late in your draft. He was on my list for longshots, but just did not make my top seven in that category. I like this guy and he should be on your radar as a likely key element in the Marshall, Jeffery and other WR mix with Earl Bennett out with a concussion. Wilson needs playing time and he should see it this pre-season.

Yes, Hester may be the most talented return man in the history of the NFL, but his value at wideout in negligible. I would not draft Hester and not even think about him for a spot on my roster unless he miraculously surprises us all and becomes extremely productive.

Moss is another one of the recievers on this core that will likely be left out in the cold once Cutler gets fully in sync with Marshall, Jeffery and Martellus Bennett. Moss might see some action here and there, but fantasy-wise he is not draft worthy.

I am not quite going to call Martellus Bennett a fantasy stud, but I could make the case that this seasson in Chicago he is going to put up big numbers. I like the combination of Bennett, Marshall and Jeffery and think Cutler is going to love having a TE that he can rely upon. Bennett grabbed 55 passes for 5 TDs in New York last season. I am going to say he nabs 65 plus passes this season for 8 TDs.

Maneri is going to be the second TE to Martellus Bennett. Chicago spent their money on Bennett and he is going to run this position. Maneri might see some action, but is not draft worthy.