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Top 25 Rookie Rankings for Dynasty Drafts

Top 25 Rookie Rankings for Dynasty Drafts Profiled players include Giovani Bernard, Eddie Lacy, Tavon Austin, Montee Ball, and Le'Veon Bell.

If Geno was an NFL starter lock, he wouldn't have fallen into round two. Then again, evaluation mistakes have been made and his upside is sincere, assuming the Jets ever get him passing game weapons. The now sizeable chip on his shoulder is compelling or at least, interesting.

Hunter, not Cordarrelle Patterson, led the Tennessee Vols in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns last season. The 6-foot-4 target isn't higher on this list because his QB is Jake Locker and the Titans have two other young receivers in Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright.

Ranks behind Eifert and Zach Ertz in terms of talent, but Kelce's path to a starting gig is much clearer.

The catch with Ertz isn't his pass receiving ability, but how he fits into the Eagles' new system. Hard to be certain about Philly's skilled players before the season, but eventually he should become the guy when Brent Celek goes bye bye.

The 49ers potentially stole a starter in the fourth round. That possibility exists because of Patton's strong pass-catching ability, nose for the end zone and San Fran's limited options with Michael Crabtree injured.

Hype ran hot for the rookie immediately after the draft, but has cooled some as folks take a second look at Isaiah Pead and Darryl Richardson. Then again, we're not talking about two sure-fire options in front of the fifth rounder.

If we're talking pure talent, then we have to talk about the former Michigan quarterback-turned- runner. We'll see if there is a long-term home for Robinson, but he could be the most explosive weapon Jacksonville has if the Jags figure out how to use him.