Week 5: Super Sleepers

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Week 5: Super Sleepers

While we're not projecting starting type stats for these players, they have good potential and could surprise. This week's picks include Brian Hoyer, Benny Cunningham, Ronnie Hillman, Khiry Robinson, and Mohamed Sanu.

The bye weeks can wreak havoc on our bid to win our fantasy match-ups each week. In deeper leagues it is time to consider your super sleepers as viable options for fantasy points. There are some running backs, tight ends and receivers to keep an eye on in coming weeks as we shuffle our rosters and search the waiver wires for the best fill-ins. This week I have one quarterback you could easily justify sliding into your roster based upon his past few performances (desite his lack of experience as a starter), two tight ends who are seeing increased workloads and might be sneaky plays, two running backs - one inexperienced and seeing increased touches and the other looking to find greater workload as he proves his value, and two wide outs who should be posting solid numbers in coming weeks. I have also thrown in a super super sleeper pick player - Benny Cunningham.

Consider your options and see what you can do with your waivers to grab some of these guys or trust in them enough to move them up off your bench.

Brian Hoyer has shown that he can be an NFL quarterback and will start Thursday vs. Buffalo in place of Brandon Weeden, who has been cleared to play and started the season at QB1. Hoyer's stats are impressive, but he still needs to prove himself completely fantasy worthy. You have to like his nearly 60% completion percentage and 590 yards for five TDs in two games. Hoyer is likely a guy to consider in the bye weeks and with the right match-up. The Cleveland offense has become pass-happy, so Hoyer is going to be the go-to guy here. In terms of fantasy value, this likely translates into a win if you have to use him.

Benny Cunningham is my super super sleeper pick this week. Cunningham's workload has increased as he played ahead of Isaiah Pead and immediately backing up Daryl Richardson. This week, Richardson will be inactive and Pead or Cunningham will start against a poor Jacksonville team. Zac Stacy is in this mix too, but has not been used to any effect. Pead has not been fully trusted in the running game and was inactive in Week 4, while Cunningham is untested. Therefore, this is kind of a crap shoot, but an interesting gamble at that. I think Cunningham is going to get the go (or at least will be more productive than Pead) this week. If you want to take a flyer, this is the pick as Cunningham can be a power back and could see a score this week.

Ronnie Hillman now appears to permanently sit between Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball on the depth chart. Hillman's twenty attempts over the past two games is encouraging, but he needs to increase his production per opportunity to make him valuable. This week Hillman and crew face off against a solid Dallas defense and we will see how much Hillman is utilized. I suspect that we will see a continued effort to get Hillman involved. I like Hillman better in Week 6 vs. Jacksonville, but grab him this week if you can.

This pick is really pushing it, but might prove interesting. Khiry Robsinson got a dozen attempts last week for New Orleans and that makes him a guy to watch; an involved running back on an explosive offense can be very valuable in fantasy leagues. In his first start this season he rushed only four times, but averaged nearly ten yards per carry. Robinson's increase in workload could mean that the coaches are testing their backs to determine a better rotation or that the coaches think Robinson should be getting more touches and this trend will continue. I expect that Robinson is not a guy that will be on most waiver lists, but he and Darren Sproles could split the backfield effectively (if Sproles is playing receiver and Robinson rushing).

Mohamed Sanu is a guy slipping from the minds of fantasy owners. One would think that Sanu might find space playing opposite A.J. Green, but for some reason he has not. I think Sanu has potential and will still have some impact in the fantasy world. This week Green will be shadowed as best as possible by New England's cover guys. Sanu has the opportunity to run his routes and increase his looks. I like him for 9 targets with 6 receptions for 65 yards this week.