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Five questions with:' K.D. Drummond

FFToolbox's weekly Q & A about fantasy football and the NFL

Each week during the NFL season, Ben Standig will pose questions to an NFL Insider, team blogger, fantasy football analyst or enthusiast. Information rules all and the idea is to provide our readers with more of that 411 from those on the ground or those that passionately study the ins and outs of the gridiron game.

Up next, friend of the podcast K.D. Drummond who mans the popular Dallas Cowboys site, Follow KD on Twitter @BloggingTheBoys. Now that he's had a few days to digest all that went down last Sunday against the Broncos, let's do this...

1) Ben Standig, FFToolbox: Let's start with the obvious: How do you square Tony Romo's performance against Denver with what happened at the end of the game? Take as long as you need, the floor is yours.

K.D. Drummond: It was pretty tough to see one of the all-time great performances in NFL history end so ingloriously. The efficiency that Romo displayed in amassing 500 yards is something you don't see very often; Dallas had nine passing plays of at least 20 yards. His average receiver hit was 11 yards past the line of scrimmage. It was simply everything that could be asked for from a quarterback; and then that happened. First things first, that was an outright incredible play by up-and-coming linebacker Danny Trevathan. People seem to undersell the fact that he made a tremendous diving catch to snare the pick. Second, Romo's leg got caught up in LT Tyron Smith when stepping into the throw, greatly reducing the velocity he could put on the ball. Third, rookie TE Gavin Escobar drifted backwards instead of attacking the ball, allowing Trevathan to cross his face. Even with all that said, at the end of the day, the quarterback threw an interception late in a tied ball game deep in his territory. Just can't happen. What can you take from something like that? Some players just have bad mojo until they don't.

2) For all the Romo bashing going on, he's actually having a tremendous fantasy season as only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have scored more. Does the trend continue or should owners consider a sell-high trade?

Drummond: Will Romo repeat a 500-yard performance? Probably not, but I can see a few more 400 yard games this year for a couple reasons. The Dallas defense is terrible and the Cowboys will find themselves in more than a few shootouts. Also, look at the teams remaining on Dallas' schedule and where they rank in scoring defense: Giants (32), Eagles (30) twice, Minnesota (29), Washington (t27) twice including Week 16, Chicago (t27) in Week 14. New Orleans is the only "good" defense remaining on the schedule at this point, as Oakland, Green Bay and Detroit are middle of the pack. Why in the world would you trade Romo unless you have Manning at your disposal?

3) On the one hand, DeMarco Murray is averaging 4.8 yards per carry - and isn't hurt. On the other hand, he has three games with fewer than 20 touches and just one 100-yard rushing performance. So, are we happy with Murray or feeling like he could/should be doing more?

Drummond: Well, we aren't happy when he isn't used and they lose, that's for sure. It's a pretty weird scenario, but the Cowboys' O-line is surprisingly effective this year. Garrett will never marry the run, folks can kiss that train goodbye, but I do think he's willing to use it more than he has. I just have no clue how to predict which games that will take place in.

4) Be honest, do you want Miles Austin back or would you just prefer Terrence Williams stays in the starting lineup?

Drummond: From a Cowboys standpoint, I absolutely want Austin back in the lineup. As a slot receiver, Miles is a menace when healthy and if the Cowboys can get anything out of him, they are a better team. The flexibility he gives the offense in going three-wide, or even empty set with two tight-ends can't be ignored. I like the shiftiness of Cole Beasley in the slot, but I think the size issue that Miles presents will only be elevated now that teams have seen Terrance Williams take the top off and will have to respect that aspect of the offense.

4a) If Austin plays, how should fantasy owners view him and Williams in a great matchup against the Redskins' defense?

Drummond: The Redskins matchups are so unpredictable. You'd think the Cowboys offense would be a shoo-in for a repeat, but it rarely plays out as expected. I think Austin gets the majority of work on the outside, as much as he can manage. The interesting part are the rumors that Cole Beasley could get the slot work in 3WR sets. That would mean Williams goes from breakout performance to 4th WR. Personally though, I think they bring Austin back to 35 snaps and all three get a fair amount of targets.

5) Nothing to ask regarding rock stars like Dez Bryant or Jason Witten, so what about this... Not to jinx the Murray situation, but do we have any better clue what Dallas' Plan B is at RB?

Drummond: Lance Dunbar is injured again, and that's a problem when you combine it with his fumbling problems in limited chances. Dunbar should have been the Darren Sproles guy for this offense but he's doing two things you just can't do. Joseph Randle was activated for the first time two weeks ago to play ST, but now he's elevated past Phillip Tanner and running as the backup. He'll get carries this week against Washington and we'll have our first chance to see what he can do.

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