Week 10: Snaps and Targets
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Week 10: Snaps and Targets

We look at who played last week, how often and how many passes came their way Profiled players include Seneca Wallace, Eddie Lacy, Zac Stacy, James Starks, and A.J. Green.

For owners imagining Wallace combining the Packers' high-powered passing game with his renowned running skills, dream on. Wallace played 48 snaps last week and didn't run once. At 33, he's no longer has the mobility he flashed at Iowa State and earlier in his pro career with the Seahawks.

Lacy played in just 69 percent of the Packers snaps last week, down from four straight games in the 80s. But the Packers also gave Lacy a carry on 40 percent of their snaps, his highest total in that span. He had an impressive 22 carries for 150 yards and a touchdown. Even if the Packers are putting Lacy on the field less, his production hasn't slipped.

Stacy had a carry or target on 49 percent of the Rams' snaps last week, the fourth-highest mark this season. I'm sure you noticed his 127 rushing yards and 51 receiving yards. But Stacy also had a carry or target on 48 percent of snaps against the Texans in Week 6, ranking fifth this season. He had just 79 rushing yards and 11 receiving yards then, in part, because the Rams had a flukishly low number of snaps. The Rams are set on giving Stacy the ball a lot, and that's the first step to a productive fantasy player.

If the Packers are limiting Lacy's snaps, Starks should benefit — especially this week against Philadelphia. The Eagles' defense faces, by far, a league-high 78.5 snaps per week. The difference between Philadelphia and the second-place Dolphins is nearly the difference between Miami and the league average. If Green Bay has a lot of offensive plays, Starks is bound to have plenty of opportunities to accumulate fantasy points.

Green led the NFL with 19 targets in Week 9, the third-highest total anyone has posted this season, and turned those into 11 catches for 128 yards. In the previous couple weeks, he'd produced big numbers even with a merely solid number of targets. But when his targets venture into the elite range, which they have on occasion, he's that much better.

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