Podcast: March 21 - What's Drafting in Vegas Like?

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Podcast: March 21 - What's Drafting in Vegas Like?

Tonight's Guest: Jeff Maulden, finished 7th Overall in FFWC


I'm solo tonight. No Mike Trent as he'll be at his annual Wildcat "pity party" , bwahahahaha..

Thankfully, we have an awesome guest this week.

How' March Madness treating you??? Hopefully better than these guys...


Jeff Maulden and Dan Burk defeated some real heavyweights in League 22 this season. Household names: BillyWaz, Must See TV Franchise and The Champs.

Drafting out in Vegas, they left with a RB heavy team and a receiving corps of , Roddy White, Alshon Jeffery, Riley Cooper and Kenny Stills.

It wasn't their WRs that won it for them though, it was the old standby, RB Heavy. Charles, Lynch, Lacy and McFadden was the team that they would leave Vegas with and it was enough to DOMINATE league 22 and finish #7 overall in the World Championship.

We'll talk to Jeff tonight about the RB heavy strategy, is it dead or alive and well?

Where should Alshon Jeffery be drafted this season? Should you draft him before Doug Martin? Antonio Brown?

Will a healthy Roddy White help you to a fantasy title as a value draft pick in the 5th round in September?

Plus we'll talk free agency, Eric Decker, Emmanuel Sanders and more, on Red vs Blue.

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