2011 Keeper Sleepers

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2011 Keeper Sleepers

These players didn't make our top keeper lists, but are worth taking a chance on. Profiled players include Kevin Kolb, Mike Goodson, Jerome Harrison, Chris Ivory, and Steve Slaton.

You may not consider all of these guys to be super sleepers; some of these guys played a key role in the success of their team's 2010 season. The reason they didn't make our top 50 could simply be their position on the depth chart. That is exactly why these guys are sleepers. When the starter goes down, these are the guys stepping in to tote the rock. Just because a guy isn't a starter doesn't mean he's not worth holding on to.

There may be some players who you believe should be on this list but were left. One reason for the omission may be the player has already been included on the Top 50 (Position) rankings for next season. This list was put together after the top 50 so there would be no overlap.

I'm sure the Eagles could keep both Vick and Kolb, but I doubt that will happen. Philadelphia is paying Kolb too much to stand on the sideline and watch. If Kevin is traded to a team like the Cardinals (who have quality receivers and a respectable run game) then he could be a good keeper option next season.

When the Panthers lost Williams and Stewart for a few games in 2010, it was Goodson who stepped in to fill their shoes. In those games Goodson ran the ball extremely well, topping 100 yards twice and posting a 120 yard effort against the Ravens. In 2011 it's likely we'll see Williams in another uniform (which means Goodson should be Stewart's backup).

Harrison may be backing up McCoy again next season, but that doesn't mean he's not worth keeping on your roster. In 2009 Jerome carried the ball 194 times for 864 yards in 14 games and at the start of next season he will only be 28. If McCoy misses any time, Harrison will be the Eagles' starting back. In addition, there's always a chance Harrison could be traded. Jerome was a starting back at one time and there is no reason to believe he can't carry the load for someone in the future.

You're probably wondering why Chris Ivory is on a sleeper keeper list. The reason he is here and not on the RB keeper list is because of his location on the depth chart. Unless something happens to Thomas and/or Bush, we won't see a lot from Ivory next season. That is of course unless he is traded to someone who can use his services. I think his 2010 performance proved he has what it takes to be a starting back in the NFL

It's highly unlikely that Slaton will regain his starting job in Houston, but that doesn't mean fantasy owners should pass him over. Slaton is a valuable handcuff and if he is traded to another team he could become a starting back again.

CJ's 2010 performance (or lack thereof) shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone. It takes a year or two for rookies to acclimate to the NFL. Spiller's youth and talent should win him the starting job next season and with a year under his belt, his 2011 numbers should be much better.

When Portis and Torain missed a few games last season it was Williams who stepped in and took control of the running game. On the season Williams had 65 carries for 261 yards, 3 receptions for 39 yards and he scored 5 touchdowns. I think Portis' days are numbered in Washington as he is due $8.2 million next season and his stats the past couple of years don't warrant that kind of money. If this becomes the case then Torain and Williams will be toting the rock in Washington next season.

Even though Armstrong is 27, the 2010 season was his rookie year. I think Armstrong's age helped him develop into the player he was last season. Anthony had 44 receptions for 871 yards with 3 touchdowns while playing in just 15 games. With a year of experience under his belt, next season's numbers should be better. Of course the big question in Washington is whether McNabb is brought back or released. If McNabb is released, there's not telling what type of season Armstrong will have next year.