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Fantasy Impact of 18 Game Season

Ben takes a hard look at how fantasy commissioners and owners will need to adjust to an extra two regular season games.

One day in the (near?) future, the NFL players will return to the field. The actual ones, not the Keanu Reeves replacement types.

When that day arrives, odds are that unless the players conjure up a financially enticing alternative, an 18-game schedule will be coming along with them. That means owners of the fantasy persuasion will have to create their own method of coping with such a (desired for some, irksome for others) change.

For those ardent fans that simply cannot get enough pigskin action, news of more regular season football would be as fanatically welcomed as Aaron Rodgers knocking on a Green Bay Packers fan's front door Christmas morning with an onslaught of green and gold paraphernalia (not to mention Bart Starr in tow).

Of course, lengthening the season will also aggravate those that prefer the brevity of the NFL season compared to the seemingly never-ending campaigns run by their professional sports brethren (I sit on that "less is more" side of the aisle on this issue, as I do with my take on Felix Jones' weight and future usage).

Regardless, one does not have to be Rain Man or a Vegas-loving MIT student to read these cards. Unless the players compromise considerably elsewhere, eighteen games are coming.

For fantasy football players and commissioners, someday (hopefully) soon, it will be your turn to head to the negotiating table and determine how your precious league will adjust accordingly.

(Before we go any further…this topic (as well as how to deal with the potential use of replacement players) will be discussed in great detail on Wednesday's podcast. Also, let's assume that any work stoppage ends in time for the regular season to continue in its entirety, which again likely means 18 games. Finally, my comments will be based on a standard QB (1), RB (2), WR (2), TE (1), K (1) and Def. (1) lineup with standard scoring. For any other variations or rules specific to your league, feel free to ask about or comment below. Now, where were we...)

Let's start with the basics...

Scoring: Outside of any changes that your league might make in any given year, the additional two games should cause no issue. Whew.

Schedule: Most likely, leagues that currently have their fantasy Super Bowl in Week 16 will simply move the final game back two weeks, while those who insist on soaking up every last morsel of fantasy goodness will make the same adjustment to Week 19. Simple enough, right? However, there is also a strong sense that an extra bye week would go hand-in-hand with the additional two games (presumably the extra week off would not interfere with fantasy playoffs).

Again, not a big deal for adjusting fantasy schedules. Just push everything back another week. No harm no foul...for the schedule, but perhaps not so when it comes to actually fielding a playoff contending fantasy squad.