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Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow - Who Should Pilot The Jets?

Competition can be a good thing. It can make all parties try harder, do more, and make them try to learn new things. It can also cause a lot of confusion and questions. What will happen in the biggest media circus on the planet?? The New York Jets brought in Tim Tebow @TimTebow as a backup to Mark Sanchez @Mark_Sanchez at quarterback, but will it stay that way?? I will look at the situation more closely and try and help solve the question.

It has been stated by all New York Jets personnel that Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the 2012 season and that Tim Tebow will be the backup, period. Mark Sanchez was a much heralded quarterback out of USC 4 years ago and was supposed to be the 2nd coming of Joe Namath. He has failed to live up to those expectations as of yet. He has been very inconsistent at times and lost the following that a quarterback needs from his fellow teammates. There was a lot of discussion and turmoil on the team during the 2011 off season when Sanchez did not show great practice habits and seemed very disinterested in general. Sanchez has never had a caliber backup to push him the way Tebow will.

It does not help matters that the Jets didn't make the playoffs last year after another "promised" Super Bowl appearance by head coach Rex Ryan. It seemed like Santonio Holmes @ToneTime10 gave up at the end of the year as his frustrations grew with the sub-par play of Sanchez. New offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has stated that the Jets will get back to running the ball more and try and relieve some of the pressure from Sanchez. Last year the Jets were 22nd in running the ball and averaged 30th in per rushing attempt. Shonn Greene's numbers would probably rise the way Willis McGahee's rose last year once Tebow took over.

Tim Tebow helped lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last year, despite completing fewer than 50% of his passes. His leadership and running ability helped the team to several come from behind victories and even propelled them to an upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. The Broncos led the NFL in rushing last year and were 6th in yards per rushing attempt. Much of that credit goes to Tebow as he averaged over 5 yards per carry and finished with 660 total rushing yards. Remember that he did not start the season as the quarterback, that was Kyle Orton. Tebow could instantly insert his physical ability into games and the Jets could become the running team the Sparano and Ryan want them to be.

Tebow's positive attitude seems to rub off on everyone around him and he carry himself and his teammates to higher standards. That seems to be exactly the type of attitude that is needed on a Jets offense that continued to disappoint all last season. Tebow has been a media darling in New York since his arrival and will be a huge fan favorite from day one. Even though he is said to be "the backup", he has been all over the early practices cheering players on, being positive in every situation, and open for communication for more feedback (even from Sanchez).

Tebow did seem to work well with both Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas last year and I can see him building a very quick relationship with Dustin Keller @DUSTINKELLER81, Holmes, and rookie Stephen Hill. Again, it is his infectious "can-do" attitude that will help him win his teammates over. I also think the Jets have a better offensive line then the Broncos did with studs Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson leading the way.

The Jets have a very difficult early part of the schedule. They start the year against an improved Buffalo Bills, at Pittsburgh, at Miami, vs. San Fran and vs. Houston. That could be a very difficult road for any team, especially one where the head coach and fan base expect so much. I can see Sanchez entering the season as the starter, but for Tim Tebow to take over after a rough start for the Jets as they will fall behind the New England Patriots in the standings early. If you are looking for a good late round pick in your draft that could turn into instant gold, you need to target Tim Tebow.

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    An interesting article Todd, and I am in agreement on the Jets possibly having to make the switch from Sanchez to Tebow at some point if the season starts to unravel. The funny thing is that Sanchez is actually coming off of his best season to date but just not instill any faith that he is the leader of that team. In my opinion the Jets should have tried to ship him off as soon as they acquired Tebow and committed the entire off season and training camp into installing an offense to fit Tebows style. It would have been a big risk but it is going to take something radical for the Jets to overcome the Patriots. Tebow's style makes him a nice fantasy option with the running stats he can rack up and would, as you pointed out, instantly improve the fantasy value of Greene as well. It will be interesting to watch the season unfold in New York and I believe that if they implode again that Rex is gone. Good stuff sir!

    Posted by:
    Walton Spurlin 06/15/12 03:40 PM

    We are starting to think way to much alike again Walton. He had a bad week a while back, but since they we have pretty much agreed on everything. Thanks again for your comments. Have a good weekend!!

    Posted by:
    Todd Latzke 06/15/12 04:49 PM

    The best option for that team is to run the wishbone and trade every WR they got for extra running backs and blocking TEs.

    Posted by:
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    eefactor 07/17/12 05:59 PM

    If ever there was a team to use the "wishbone" offense like college the Jets are it. Thanks for reading!!

    Posted by:
    Todd Latzke 07/22/12 08:54 PM

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