NFL Quick Snaps: FA's Leaders and Lagers

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NFL Quick Snaps: FA's Leaders and Lagers

NFL Quick Snaps: FA's Leaders and Lagers

You often hear the phrase "winners and losers," but we're going with leaders and lagers to emphasize the fact it is a marathon (not a sprint) to next year's finish line in February. Sure is nice to get an early lead though. In this week's NFL Quick Snaps we take a look at the first week in one of the most exciting free agency openings we can remember. Leading up to Tuesday's 4:00ET bell, we had Peyton Manning (although not a free agent technically) stirring up the pot, teams desperately trying to tie up loose ends with their valued players before the sharks were allowed in the pool. Not to mention a blockbuster trade announced only moments before commencement. What a week to remember; let's hit it:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Thayse- Leaders! Heck I'll say THE LEADER right now. Tampa had a very respectable 2010 led by rookies at QB, RB, and WRJosh Freeman, LaGarrette Blount and Mike Williams. Then last year they looked like a completely different team. With undisciplined young talent and aging veterans Tampa had to do something to compete in a strong division. That something just happened to be signing arguably the best wide receiver available in Vincent Jackson @VincentTJackson, the best OG in Carl Nicks, and one of the best cornerbacks Eric Wright @EWrighteous21.

Zeus- Man, I am not quite sure you can say that they are the winners just because they spent the money they had in their purse. They had a lot of money, and they spent it. They brought in some of the most attractive names in free agency, and inked them. In my eyes, they overpaid, but they got the guys they wanted. $47.5 million over 5 years for a guard is WAY too much, and $11 million for VJax is a stretch. I am sure the ballclub appeased the fans; but we must remember, winners in March are not always winners where it counts in January. I say with the Bills signing Mario Williams THEY are the leaders. With a ten game losing streak to end the season, these boys need help, BAD.

Miami Dolphins:

Thayse- Lagging way behind. I don't know what the heck is going on down there? They clean house and plan to start fresh with a new coaching regime. I get that and supported it. What I don't get is why they would trade their only attractive player that could draw in a desperately needed talent at quarterback? It's a domino effect either way and now they are on the wrong side of it. There is no sizzle, and there is definitely no steak.

Zeus- I don't know if they were just sick of Brandon Marshall @BMarshall's off the field issues, but wow. Peyton Manning should no longer be attracted to this offense. Maybe the' Phins are simply looking to build through the draft and get some good young talented players that won't give them headaches. Staying out of the first couple days of free agency is not a bad thing. If I am a GM, I sit out and watch all of the other programs overspend. You say lagers; I say patience is a virtue. Two third round picks for a stud WR is questionable, but not horrible. Now let's see if they get Flynn.

Washington Redskins:

Thayse- I might be going against the grain here, but I think they are lagers. Making a lot of moves doesn't equal making the right moves. In the last few years (led by Dan Schnyder's decisions) Washington has been a quantity over quality team and looks to continue being that into 2012. As much as I support RG3 and his upside, overpaying for uncertainty makes no sense to me and that is exactly what they did here. Then going out and getting Garcon and Morgan to fill in the sinking void at receiver will be nothing but loose sand come regular season. Not one of these players has EVER surpassed 1,000 yards in their career.

Zeus- You should have inserted the first two sentences into the Buccaneers column as well, then you would have been correct on that subject. Yet much to my dismay, I have to agree with you here. Washington was trying to get RG3 some weapons, and they didn't go out strong for the best one, Vincent Jackson. Signing a couple 2nd to 3rd tier WRs won't help you when you don't have a true number one. I like Garcon, but think he got way too much money (over $8m/year). Morgan is questionable. I guess we will see here, but I am not the biggest fan of Washington's moves in free agency this year.

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