NFL Quick Snaps: General Questions- Michael Vick, Kenny Britt, Graham/Gronk, Darren Sproles

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NFL Quick Snaps: General Questions- Michael Vick, Kenny Britt, Graham/Gronk, Darren Sproles

Since the inception of NFL Quick Snaps, Thayse and I have been answering very targeted and pin-pointed questions on fantasy strategy and which players are hot/not. During a recent mock draft, we got into a heated debate on some topics and decided we should branch out and discuss those with you. We encourage you to comment and share your opinion with us. Remember, there is no right answer until 2013.

1. Michael Vick @MikeVick is still rated pretty high on depth charts. What should be expected from Vick this season, and can he be a top tier fantasy QB?

Thayse- I think Vick will have some top tier games, but I continue to see a decline in his overall fantasy value. I feel he will not be as effective with his feet, which have allowed him to be a top performer in the past -- given the usual 10yrds/pt format. McCoy and the running game should take more of a load this season in my opinion as well. Vick's best season through the air was his last in which he just surpassed 3,300 yards. 9 of the 10 guys in front of him went over 4,000 with a few over 5,000. Sprinkle on the injury proneness and I pick Vick as a back up to another starter or paired with a very reliable consistent QB on my bench that may not have the top end firepower. Start Vick when I need a homerun swing and sit him when 15 points should get me the win.

Zeus- I think that assessment is spot on. His feet are what made him the fantasy freak that he is. Last year he still rushed for 589 yards, but (to put that into perspective) Cam Newton @CameronNewton rushed for 706 and had 14 times the touchdowns on the ground. With 18 turnovers Vick also nearly set a career high. Look, his offense is explosive, but I think that his years as a fantasy top 5-8 guy are behind him. Proceed with caution.

2. Kenny Britt @KennyBritt_18 has shown signs of brilliance, but always seems to be sitting on the sideline. Should I take a chance on him?

Thayse- I like this kid a lot, but his risk verse reward is not for someone on heart medication. He's been suspended, he's been injured, and he's been on fire (5-10 receptions with the ability to go over 100 yards and get in the endzone). My disclaimer is don't pick him unless you have solid depth at receiver. If you think you can go with other positions, come back and grab him as your WR2 rounds 8-10; however, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Britt is on my list to draft, but he has to come to me through the draft process. Meaning I have to land some reliable guys ahead of him and then find him there later when I can't choose which Redskin or Patriot running back to draft instead.

Zeus- Dang, I am kind of stumped here. On one hand, Britt can be a good value pick; on the other hand, he has played in 15 games in the last two years and has not caught over 100 balls total in this three year career. He has his breakout year when he caught 42 balls for 775 and 9TD in 2012, but other than that there has been nothing to get overly excited about. I would say that Britt is a late, late, LATE round flier and that is it for me (but I am not much of a gambler). I would rather go with proven guys, or guys that are new in the league in late rounds that have the potential to make a big splash.

3. Rob Gronkowski @RobGronkowski and Jimmy Graham @TheJimmyGraham has changed the landscape of how the TE is looked at in fantasy. Who do you pick first?

Thayse- For my money, Jimmy Graham somewhere in the second round. Gronk is a monster, but I like Graham's consistency. He has less targets this year to fight against and is probably going to be the go to guy more often. Gronk might have those 40 point games, but I'll take the guaranteed 17-25 at the TE position week in and week out. I had him in two leagues last year and won both. Coincidence? I think not.

Zeus- You cannot go wrong with either one of these freak shows. Both have just been ridiculous, but my money is on Gronk. The guy is insane. Yes, Jimmy Graham had 9 more catches last year, but Gronk had SIX MORE TOUCHDOWNS! When you can draft a tight end that puts up a stat line of 90 for 1,327 and 17 TDs, you are doing well. Those are better numbers than nearly all WR1s. When you can have a TE that can win your fantasy week for you, TAKE IT because it doesn't come around very often. Being Tom Brady's favorite mismatch to find on the field, draft Gronk early and often.

4. Darren Sproles @DarrenSproles had 86 catches last season and is ranked extremely high in PPR formats, can that type of production be repeated?

Thayse- I know I saw this stat last year, but I STILL didn't believe it until I saw it again just recently. Obviously Sproles' value is night and day pending the PPR structure, but given so many leagues going that way I'm sticking with it as our focus. Even with 100 points separating him from the top back, he came in #5 last year just behind the league's leading rusher. I don't see that being the case this year. 70 receptions is possible though. I'll go with that as my true over/under. I'm backing him out of my top 5, but keeping him in my top 10. You may not be able to spot him on the field, but you will spot him lighting up your stat tracker again this year.

Zeus- Sproles was incredible last year catching balls out of the backfield. And his 6.9 yards per carry were the best among RBs in 2011, but he only ran the ball 87 times. The Saints have a very crowded backfield and they need to find a way to get more touches out of this guy because he can make plays. I rank him behind only Foster, McCoy, Rice, Jones-Drew, McFadden, and Forte; so I guess I would put him 7th in PPR formats, which all my leagues are. He is Drew Brees' safety net, which he may even use more this year without lineman Nicks. Drafting Sproles is a safe bet and you can put your money on the fact that his 2011 production can be repeated.

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    Spot on guys! Always love reading your take on things. If Vick falls to me late 5th, early 6th round after I have shored up 2 high end RBs, WRs and a TE(if I choose to go the Graham or Gronkowski in the 2nd round route) then I will jump on him. Chances are someone would have already rolled the dice on him getting back to 2010 form and selected him and if that's the case, it's fine by me. Britt won't be on my draft board. I am perfectly content to let another owner have him and then see if he can stay healthy. If he does, he will definitely post very good fantasy numbers but I just don't want the headache this season. Honestly, I am getting a David Boston 'déjà vu' feeling about Britt. Graham and Gronkowski are low end first round, top of second round fantasy options and will guarantee owners an every week points win over their opponants TE, and if teamed with a Brady, Brees or Rodgers would make a tough fantasy team to beat. Spores is PPR gold and Brees loves to look his way in the passing game. He is, as you pointed out, a top ten running back in PPR formats and probably a 15-20 ranked RB in regular formats due to the yards he produces. Not sure he'll match his TD total from last season but definitely a high end RB in 2012. Always an interesting and fun read guys!

    Posted by:
    Walton Spurlin 06/21/12 10:05 AM

    Thanks Walton. I still say Vick is drafted a little too high is most fantasy drafts. There are tons of QB's out there that will give you serviceable stats, hence the "Proceed with caution" remark.

    I have the same feelings as you with Britt. If the guy had a good head on his shoulders and was not so injury prone, I would say the sky is the limit. Love Sproles this year.

    Posted by:
    Nick Browne 06/21/12 04:40 PM

    Wow, this is a very good review of these players. You both worded this very well. I would say the same thing on almost everything.

    1) I agree with all of your points regarding Vick. He may have 1-2 more years, but I would not take him on a dynasty draft because he is soon to be on the decline (if not already). However, he could be a gamble for single season leagues, but he should not make it past the 5th round in drafts.

    2) Can you really say that Britt is not going to produce? I understand that every player can drop out of the lime-light at any moment, but you can’t say that somebody is going to get injured, get arrested, or going to leave the field at any moment. We are all human and anyone can get injured at any moment. Just yesterday playing basketball I took an elbow to the face which put my tooth through my lip. I wanted to play through it but for possible infection reasons I left for urgent care & stitches (still going to a wedding this evening and going to participate in my basketball tournament this weekend). *point on this: risks are not predictable* It would be nice of Britt to drop far in the draft, but with SO MUCH POTENTIAL, he is definitely NOT on my “do not draft list.” I would totally recommend taking a gamble on him (for the right price). – I did have him last year, and I was feeling on top of the world with him on my team (for the three games he played until an unpredictable injury...I wish I had him on my team again.

    3) I hadn't realized it, but is Gronk worthy of a first round pick? Does he really have a higher value than Megatron or Rodgers?

    4) I have always liked Sproles; especially in my PPR league. I was lucky enough to land him in pick #46. I feel like that was unbelievable! He should have never dropped that late (IMO).

    - Anthony

    Posted by:
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    asunkist23 06/22/12 10:12 AM


    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, it is my belief that Britt is not worth it unless you get a bargain on him. He is just not reliable enough. I would have to be staring him name down for a few rounds where I couldn't pass him up to draft him.

    On to Gronk and Jimmy. I never said that they would produce as guys like ARod and Megatron, but if you pick late first or early second in your draft you at least have to consider the two. I would say early second in most drafts is where these guys go. Yes they are TE's, but they score like top tier WR's. Graham catches balls and is very consistent, and Gronk can plain out win you a week. Love these two.

    Keep the input coming on future articles, love your views!

    Posted by:
    Nick Browne 06/25/12 09:53 AM

    Lot of love with you guys. Must be getting to be that time of year. I'll quickly weigh in on some of your posts:

    - Vick I would wait on because like Mr. Zeus says there are a lot of QB's that should go before him. I'm not a need first draft guy but if I needed another position and Vick was best available but my need was a close second I'd probably go that route. I could be spiteful given I was the victim of his 60 burger a few years ago on that unprecedented Monday Night.

    - Britt we can give some benefit of the doubt that he will see more playing time this year. My best comparison is DMC. We all KNOW he's not going to give you 16 games, but look how high is drafted EVERY year.... and when he plays he can win you games.

    - Gronk/Graham are definitely NOT worth more than guys like Rodgers or Tron but you have to credit them for a potential 100 catches, 1,300-1,500 yards, and 10+ TDs. Compare those numbers to the opportunity cost of position and you quickly realize how valuable they are. Just humerous how in the past you would win because of your RB/WR core and now you have guys winning with QB/TE tandoms putting up 80 together.

    Keep em coming,

    Posted by:
    Jordan Thayse 06/27/12 08:52 AM

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