NFL Quick Snaps: RGIII, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Bush, Mike Vick

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NFL Quick Snaps: RGIII, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Bush, Mike Vick

Not everyone has the luxury to spend 15 minutes reading lengthy articles nor do they have time to watch Sportscenter until they've memorized the entire program. That is the premise for Nick (Zeus) Browne and Jordan Thayse's new hit Quick Snaps! We are going to bring you the hottest NFL topics with quick takes. When time allows, come back later and read the more in-depth dissected articles on your favorite topics.

For now, Quick Snaps:

1. Should the Colts consider RGIII with the 1st overall selection given his strong combine numbers, or is Luck locked in at the pick?

Thayse- Luck is locked in and should be given the scenario. RG3 is a Stud as well and both could have a great future in the NFL. I just personally feel Luck is the better overall QB (especially when you think of a pocket passer, which is what Indy has had success with). RG3 is the sexy pick you want to take home for the night, Luck is the guy you want for the long term relationship.

Zeus- I like where your head is at on this one and love the analogy. Some people are debating whether RGIII should be in that discussion, but I agree with Thayse here; Luck is the pick, and RGIII will be at number 2 if someone can muster up what it will take to get there.

2. Is there actually a fit for Randy Moss or will he be sitting on his couch again in 2012?

Thayse- I really believe Moss gets a shot to play somewhere. Partly because I think he can still make a difference (just on a much smaller scale) and partly because I think there are a lot of teams that need a receiver BAD.

Zeus- Agreed, but no one makes a play for Randy until pre-season or even later when someone goes down. There is a chance that someone panics when they lose one of their starting guys, but I say teams wait on the 35 year old.

3. Is Reggie Wayne @Reggie_Wayne87 still top end talent? Where are good places for him to end up?

Thayse- Reggie Wayne is a solid receiver, but not a top talent anymore. He is serviceable, skilled, and understands the game well. He can also be an asset to a team with some young receiver talent helping them develop. Chicago actually came to mind for me recently. They already have a few young guys that could use veteran leadership. I anticipate them using their first or second draft pick (might even trade up) to try and find that legit WR1 they have been seeking. Roy Williams is washed up, so send him packing and add Wayne for an upgrade.

Zeus- In my opinion, Peyton Manning MADE Reggie Wayne. Yes, he is a decent WR, but not anywhere near top talent and especially not at 33 years old. To drop off to 960 yards and 4 TDs just because Manning was out frightens me. Could we see Reggie Wayne in New England? Has he hurt them enough throughout the years to make the hoodie want to take a gamble? (Thayse side note: with Painter throwing the ball, I am impressed Wayne had any catches last year. He was that bad.)

4. Is Reggie Bush @ReggieBush now a legit 3 down back in Miami or will Daniel Thomas contend and have more of a 50/50 snap split?

Thayse- Reggie has asked his entire career for the chance to be THE running back and handle the full load and nobody could look past his size and style to let him try. Miami, somewhat by default, had to let Bush take that role and he did well. It's just unfortunate for him it happened at this stage later in his career. I think Miami still wants Thomas to take over; so early on (at least) I anticipate the split like we saw last year with whoever is getting the job done to pick up more touches throughout the season.

Zeus- Later stage in his career? Dude is 26 years old. The former USC standout is ready to show the NFL why he was drafted so high and that he is not just a change of pace guy. The Dolphins will try to split reps with the 2nd round pick, but Bush will take over as the clear-cut RB1 in Miami. I don't like to take playmakers like this off the field.

5. Will Mike Vick rebound to be elite or will he continue to be mediocre?

Thayse- Vick is getting to that point where as much as he can still make plays with his legs he just won't be able to sustain the hits and stay healthy. He showed glimpses since returning to the NFL that he can pocket pass, but Philly needs to strengthen the offensive line and let McCoy take on a larger role. That would in turn help Vick play 16 games and probably improve his numbers. Vick is still an elite talent at his position and has 2-3 more years to lead his team to a championship.

Zeus- Philadelphia is strong. Much stronger than their record in 2011 shows. And so is Vick. I truly believe that with the players they have around him, Vick is set up to succeed and have an outstanding 2012 season. Like Thayse said, "IF he can stay healthy" will be the key. Protect him and he will reward you handsomely, but if the line plays bad, things may get ugly in Philly.

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    the two of you are right on track with what I'm thinking, except when we get to Reggie Bush, I'll say that to say this; the "3 down" runing back is a dieing breed, the across the NFL there is a hand few left, running back by committee is the standard load out, if they even choose to run the ball, its a passing league. Reggie, although very talented, does not have what it takes to be a 3 down back.... even in Miami. Sorry Zues, I'm with Thayse on this one.

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    GManning2911 03/04/12 02:13 PM

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