The Triumphant Return of Randy Moss!

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The Triumphant Return of Randy Moss!

It took a moment for the news of Randy Moss coming back to fully enter my consciousness. You mean to tell me he had retired? I had assumed he was still on Tennessee and had struggled to keep pace with the 6 receptions in 8 games he posted in 2010. I haven't been this excited about a unretirement since Brett Favre and his 4th or was it 5th comeback. Forgive me, they tend to all run together after awhile. Randy Moss and his 954 career receptions are back and fantasy football owners around the globe can breathe a collective sigh of relief. No offseason would be complete without at least one over the hill former fantasy stud announcing his comeback. Thank you Tiki, you can go now, Randy is here. With Chad Ocho Cinco disappearing in New England and Terrell Owens limping off to the Arena league, I was worried that there would be a lack of an underachieving prima donna wide receiver in the NFL. That void will now be filled by a man who is no stranger to the role. Who can ever forget the 111 receptions and 17 touchdowns that Randy put up for the Vikings in 2003? Who doesn't have warm memories of that magical 23 touchdown season with New England in 2007? Allow me to let you know exactly who can forget those golden memories. The fantasy football owner who had Randy on their roster during the Oakland Raider days of his career or the debacle that was his 2010 season, that is who.

In his prime, no one could cover Moss streaking down the side line on a go pattern. As it turns out, that is basically all that Randy was consistently able to do. He was never an over the middle type of receiver or much of a down field blocker in the run game. Moss will surely be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of fame one day. His career statistics all but guarantee that and he was at one time a phenomenal talent. I will have no qualms when that day comes because I am first and foremost a football fan and appreciate a supreme talent when I see it. That being said, I can also be deeply disappointed when I see an athlete as talented as Moss give less than his best for his team. Even the staunchest Randy Moss apologists have to admit that his performance in 2010 took tanking it to a whole new level. Nobody mails it in like Randy, even his former team mate and mentor Chris Carter referred to his "quit mechanism." Those are harsh words from someone who not only played the same position but also played alongside Moss. There have already been the obligatory articles trying to figure out where Moss might end up signing. Whispers of three teams already contacting Randy's agent are making the rounds. Some team will bring Moss on board and there will be the farce of a press conference where some general manager waxes poetic about how happy they are to have a pro bowl talent like Randy on the team. Randy will take the podium and talk about how much he missed the game and how motivated he is to return to the field….yada…yada…yada. Pull my other leg Randy, it plays jingle bells.

Joel Segal has said he found out about the comeback of Randy Moss the way the rest of us did, by reading about it on the internet. By the way, Joel Segal is the agent for Randy Moss. Way to keep on being a team player Mr. Moss. Randy Moss was once the number one wide receiver in fantasy football as well as the actual NFL. Well, Marshall Faulk was once the best running back in fantasy football and the NFL too. Faulk has about the same chance of being fantasy relevant in 2012 as Randy Moss does. Everyone loves a good comeback story. Hell, Sylvester Stallone built an entire franchise around the concept. The difference here lies in the good part of that comeback story. There was nothing good about the shameful way that Moss played in 2010 and there will be nothing good about watching his comeback. I am saving a special, hearty, gut laugh for any owner in any fantasy league I play in who drafts Moss. In case anyone is wondering, for the sake of full disclosure, yes I was indeed a Randy Moss owner in 2010. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you."

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