2015 NFL Bye Weeks
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2015 NFL Bye Weeks

Each NFL team plays 16 games out of 17 weeks in the NFL schedule. The game that they don't play is called their bye week, or "Open Date". It is important in fantasy football to make sure that your starters and backups do not have the same bye week since one of the primary reasons for drafting backup players to have coverage during the bye week of your starter. From our Fantasy Football Dictionary

Week 1 None
Week 2 None
Week 3 None
Week 4 New England, Tennessee
Week 5 Carolina, Miami, Minnesota, New York Jets
Week 6 Dallas, Oakland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay
Week 7 Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Green Bay
Week 8 Buffalo, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Washington
Week 9 Arizona, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Seattle
Week 10 Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Diego, San Francisco
Week 11 Cleveland, New Orleans, New York Giants, Pittsburgh
Week 12 None
Week 13 None
Week 14 None
Week 15 None
Week 16 None
Week 17 None