Anonymous player says HGH use is common


Anonymous player says HGH use is common

An anonymous NFL player went on record with Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in stating that HGH use in the league is common. "It's like clockwork nowadays," he said. He estimated that 10 to 15 players per team used the banned substance. "(It's) not tested and it's easy to get. Nowadays, dude? In 2013? (Expletive) yeah. I'm just being real." The NFL and Players Association still have not found an agreement for HGH testing. The issue was raised during the lockout, yet found no resolution. The anonymous player added, "I say, just let guys do it. This is our career. We're putting on for fans . . . HGH isn't anything. . . I don't care who's taking it."

Fantasy Analysis:

From my perspective, I don't care. HGH use is illegal in some cases, and I'll leave the audience to do their homework on it. It's not the NFL's responsibility to police the issue and it's not my life on the line. There are simply too many issues and problems in this world to take a hardline stance on every single one of them. In the grand scheme of things, HGH use in the NFL falls near the bottom of my morality scale. If these athletes want to break the law or break the rules of the NFL, that's on them and they live their own lives. From a fantasy perspective, it's a non-factor. Beyond speculation, there's no way to know who is clean and who is not.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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What an absolutely irresponsible opinion. You can argue PED usage in sports like track or golf is only moderately immoral, but in sports like football, boxing, or MMA, where a big part the game is hitting another person as hard as possible, unfairly augmenting your strength is morally reprehensible, dangerous, and criminal.
Great, you say it's the player's life and the player's career. As if their PED usage only affects them. What about the guy trying to do the right thing, who gets squeezed out of roster spot because he doesn't want to do a dangerous drug that will make his heart explode like a grape tomato when he turns 55? What about the clean player who gets hit and concussed by some steroid freak? You wonder why concussions and other injuries are on the rise? Look no further than the usage stats quoted by this anonymous player.
And as far as your statement that there's no way to know who is clean, that's just factually incorrect. Randomized, year-round, no-advance-notice blood testing would solve the HGH problem right quick. Something could be done about it, if the NFL and the NFLPA truly wanted to. Unfortunately, there's too many people like Matt De Lima in the world who just don't care.

Posted by:
Cyaneyes 05/01/13 06:08 PM

It's not my responsibility to care. Period. Point blank. Posting your opinion on the Internet, as I did, doesn't change anything. Instead of directing your frustrations via anonymous Internet comments, write your representatives and challenge them to push the NFL. Collectively gasping in the privacy of your own home accomplishes nothing and I can only hope you use your energy in such constructive ways. But like myself, you are entitled to your opinion. And if you think you're making a difference by scolding me, well, do what you've got to do. I won't be addressing anymore comments if they're directed at me.

Posted by:
Matt De Lima 05/01/13 06:16 PM

How could anyone ever suspect that such unusally gifted human specimens like Lance or Marion or Ben would cheat to aquire the Millions of opportunities to be a role model. Next thing you'll be telling me is Adrian's miraculous healing was'nt a gift from God but something nefarious. Say it ain't so Joe !!!

Posted by: 05/05/13 11:21 AM

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