Eagles QB Michael Vick aware team is moving on


Eagles QB Michael Vick aware team is moving on

People close to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick @MikeVick understand that the team will stick with QB Nick Foles even after Vick's injury has passed. Vick is 33 years old. After being asked if he still saw himself as the starter, Vick stated, "I don't know. That's not something that I'm thinking about at this point. The last thing I want to be is a distraction to the team. I'm just working hard to get myself healthy." When pressed on the question, he continued, "I do see myself as a starter, but if Coach has a viable explanation or good reason for why it should be anything different, I've got to understand that. He's the coach, I'm the player."

Fantasy Analysis:

Vick had a great run and while it's not over, it may be over for him in Philly. Nobody really expected him to come back to the game after his prison stay or to have the impact he did. It'll be interesting to see what kind of legacy Vick will have into the future and what he'll be remembered for. Personally, as a VT alum, Vick is one of my favorite players of all time. He changed Virginia Tech for the better and brought the school into the national spotlight. He brought backyard football to the NFL and changed the quarterback position forever. That's just my opinion though and I'm aware many people will see it in differing ways. I'll root for Vick no matter where he goes or what he decides to do after this season. Foles is a must-own and he's playing at a very high level.


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Everyone makes mistakes. Vick did, and he did his time. He took his punishment, and refused to lay blame at anyone else's feet. Was he wrong for what he did? Yes. Should he be held accountable for all eternity for it? I say no. Even now, he humbly accepts his fate for the season even when pressed to give a more vitriolic reply. Kudos to the man. I wish him well.

Posted by:
Qupa1210 11/13/13 03:24 PM

Yes, good luck Vick. I hope your story of redemption gives others hope.

Posted by:
dunfee 11/13/13 09:28 PM

The Dude tortured and killed dogs for betting sport and amusement. It amazes me, what the public will forgive an athlete, if he makes a little I'm sorry speech and throws a few TDs.

Posted by:
lucassidy2@aol.com 11/13/13 11:08 PM

I could personally care less if he killed dogs. People who elevate concern for animals above that for humans are sick in the head. It's funny how people eternally villainize Vick for killing animals and in the meantime Ray Lewis is in Madden commercials and is practically worshipped.

Posted by:
doctorwolf 11/14/13 02:06 AM

Foles and Keenum, provided they stay healthy, will be fantasy studs for the next 5-10yrs. As far as Vick is concerned, he got his second chance, and made the most of it with two great seasons with the Eagles ('10 & '11). However, I believe last year was an indicator that age is catching up with him along with numerous nagging injuries (ribs,hand,quad,hamstring, concussion)...physically & mentally this has taken its toll on him.

Quadriceps...out 4 games & played hurt another 4 games... which actually makes what he did accomplish even more incredible!

cracked ribs...missed 3 games (wk 11-13), played hurt another 6 games... I cry when I get a hang nail, so again, incredible!

sustained THE most serious of his entire career, a concussion, and out the final 6 games of the season.

hamstring injury during wk 5, and the rest is history...

So, in total from 2010 (became Eagles starting QB) at age 30, through Week 11 of 2013, at age 33, Vick has been injured 27 out of 59 (46%) possible starts.

As a comparison, in Vick's 59 starts prior to prison, age 23-26, he was injured 13 games (6 of these from the 2003 season, in which he had a season ended knee injury versus the Ravens in preseason... but he returned for the final 5 games).

Vick's running QB style of play always invites injury... I know that's obvious but I state it because if he's going to have any success moving forward it will be with his arm, not his legs, most likely somewhere other than Philly. Also, since losing his job happened so fast, it will take a while for reality will set in (ie "I'm 33, it's getting close to the end, do I have enough $?").
SO, I wouldn't be surprised if he signed with another team as a backup, or if he hangs up his cleats, or he rips off a Randall Cunningham circa 1998, w/ Vikings and goes 15-1 w a 106.0 passer rating, at age 35!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the latter, as long as it's not with the Vikings.

Posted by:
mikesinger555 11/15/13 03:23 PM

I realize Michael Vick did some terrible things. My question is why does society have to continue on giving him grief, isn't that why he served time in prison? Look if you are think that society's punishment for the crime was not server enough then you should take that up with the courts or your local legislator, this shouldn't be Michael Vicks issue. He served his time, lost his money because he did not follow the established rules that society has put in place. This is coming from a Giant fan and also a dog owner. I also do not forgive people because they are athlete, at the end of the day people are people and they should be held to the same standard.

Posted by:
IamRo 11/19/13 02:40 PM

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