2014 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule (SoS)
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2014 Fantasy Strength of Schedule (SoS)

Strength of schedule is important tool in the arsenal of serious fantasy football drafters. By knowing what players have easier schedules you'll be able to make the hard decisions between two players.

Our Strength of Schedule rankings are based on fantasy points (performance scoring) allowed by position. #1 is the best/easiest/most favorable schedule for that position and #32 is the hardest/least favorable schedule. #1 means that the opponents that the team faces during the selected period allow the most fantasy points. Click the table headers to sort.

For example, the team listed as #1 for QBs has the best/easiest/most favorable schedule for the selected time frame because those opponents surrendered the most fantasy points to QBs over the time period.

Chart built using data from 2014 Week 1 through Week 17

Fantasy Season
1-17  1-16  1-15  1-14  1-13
Partial Season
1-5  6-10  11-15
Fantasy Playoffs
14-16  14-17  15-16  15-17

DAL 11th 21st 24th 2nd 23rd 9th 1st 14th 5th 4th 23rd
TEN 4th 24th 1st 25th 22nd 8th 2nd 6th 17th 7th 22nd
ARI 1st 11th 8th 12th 13th 1st 3rd 17th 6th 10th 14th
MIN 21st 26th 7th 26th 26th 3rd 4th 29th 13th 14th 28th
GB 2nd 7th 3rd 22nd 3rd 11th 5th 10th 10th 12th 21st
PHI 6th 19th 11th 18th 29th 27th 6th 8th 11th 1st 26th
CAR 23rd 8th 20th 29th 24th 19th 7th 24th 3rd 29th 1st
NYG 25th 14th 30th 6th 32nd 13th 8th 16th 1st 27th 16th
SF 9th 20th 13th 30th 5th 2nd 9th 5th 8th 32nd 15th
SEA 7th 6th 23rd 9th 11th 5th 10th 7th 7th 2nd 29th
STL 32nd 32nd 32nd 5th 30th 25th 11th 18th 23rd 17th 7th
MIA 8th 17th 16th 17th 15th 12th 12th 27th 14th 8th 17th
DET 12th 1st 5th 32nd 4th 14th 13th 19th 12th 31st 18th
NO 26th 28th 19th 24th 31st 21st 14th 23rd 9th 5th 20th
KC 27th 31st 17th 28th 7th 6th 15th 3rd 22nd 25th 5th
ATL 10th 23rd 2nd 7th 14th 16th 16th 31st 25th 19th 31st
WAS 17th 9th 25th 1st 25th 22nd 17th 32nd 30th 21st 24th
CIN 20th 16th 15th 23rd 20th 15th 18th 4th 21st 16th 32nd
OAK 31st 30th 31st 14th 27th 32nd 19th 28th 27th 15th 9th
IND 13th 12th 14th 20th 21st 24th 20th 1st 15th 11th 4th
PIT 18th 25th 9th 19th 28th 26th 21st 2nd 28th 26th 25th
JAX 28th 5th 22nd 11th 16th 20th 22nd 22nd 29th 18th 12th
TB 24th 13th 6th 31st 12th 29th 23rd 21st 26th 30th 30th
NE 5th 27th 21st 3rd 8th 17th 24th 12th 19th 13th 27th
CHI 19th 10th 12th 27th 17th 30th 25th 30th 2nd 20th 2nd
BUF 29th 22nd 27th 13th 19th 28th 26th 9th 24th 28th 13th
DEN 16th 18th 26th 4th 10th 18th 27th 11th 20th 6th 6th
CLE 14th 3rd 18th 10th 1st 4th 28th 13th 31st 9th 19th
BAL 15th 2nd 10th 16th 2nd 10th 29th 25th 16th 22nd 10th
HOU 3rd 4th 4th 8th 9th 7th 30th 20th 4th 24th 11th
SD 22nd 15th 28th 15th 6th 23rd 31st 26th 32nd 3rd 3rd
NYJ 30th 29th 29th 21st 18th 31st 32nd 15th 18th 23rd 8th