2012 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Redskins

2012 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Redskins

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Griffin is now locked in as the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and is headed to the Washington Redskins. When you consider how far he has come since his beginnings at Baylor University, it's a tremendous story. A quarterback prospect that comes with a ton of upside due to athleticism and intelligence on and off the field. He is not yet a pocket passer in the traditional sense and will sometimes move out of the pocket in order to make plays. Could really excel in Redskins' scheme, which sometimes utilizes quarterbacks outside the pocket. These plays also only require reading certain spots on the field, which will simplify the reads Griffin must make. The first thing to consider is that Baylor kept their offensive playcalling simple for Griffin's sake. There weren't a lot of checks or audibles pre-snap and he wasn't asked to identify coverages during plays. It was also a spread offense, so there will be concepts that Griffin will need to learn. On the plus side, many consider Griffin to be highly intelligent and should easily learn a new offense. Accuracy on medium throws is a strength, but lacks the ideal touch for short passes. Will need to learn how to take some heat o... [Read More]
Southern Methodist interior lineman prospect Josh LeRibeus is a late round prospect with some decent potential to move up boards due to his solid all-around game. LeRibeus has average size and strength. He was academically ineligible in 2010 but returned to the field in 2011. He plays tough with good techniques but lacks a real mean streak. He isn't particularly athletic (he ran a 5.37 40 yard dash) and will struggle to adjust to blitzing linebackers. He is a well-rounded interior lineman, the problem is just that there aren't any big strengths either. LeRibeus could work on his footwork by keeping his footwork short and choppy. His lateral movement is good for a guard of his size. LeRibeus looks great when moving out in space to pull. He quickly identifies his block and can sometimes lay down two blocks to catapult the ball carrier. Teams looking to add competitive depth should give him a shot in the later rounds. A solid combine performance could have him climbing the draft boards.... [Read More]
Cousins is one of many senior quarterbacks with a very high potential to make the leap into the first three rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft. Whether it is his excellent intangibles or good arm strength, there's a lot to like about Cousins as a quarterback prospect. He's the all-time leader in Michigan State history for wins as a starting QB. What teams will like about Cousins is his ability to deliver the football quickly with above average arm strength. When it comes to those short and intermediate routes, he displays good accuracy (even with pressure coming his way). At the next level, he'll need to really improve his ability to pull the trigger and trust his talent for reading defenses. He doesn't always make the right pre-snap reads and if he is shuffling around the pocket, his mechanics struggle. Being able to be patient, plant his feet and drive through his hips when delivering the football is a talent he'll need to continue to develop as a pro. Cousins does just about everything well, but no particular talent of his really jumps out. There are a lot of second-tier quarterbacks who may push him into the later rounds, so it is vital he shows the smaller skills like scram... [Read More]
Texas Longhorns linebacker Keenan Robinson started for three years at inside linebacker, but will likely move outside when entering the NFL. Robinson is a well-balanced player with adequate speed and good strength. He is a quick-twitch guy who can generate big hits. Robinson is above average in coverage and plays with patient feet. Doesn't get out of control or lean and he does well to stay in his drop. He's not instinctive in spite of his great first step. Can't feel his way through a crowd consistently and gets lost in the pile. He's not a technician as a tackler. Robinson is looking to take guys out, rather than take them down. He'll need to tweak his fundamentals and learn to not just throw his body into the defender. If in coverage, he can get in trouble when asked to turn over his hips. He gets decent depth in his drop, but he's not someone you can count on right away to cover an athletic tight end by any means. He plays the man better than he plays the ball. Robinson is best suited as a rotational linebacker. He has a low-end potential to become a starter but that will take time and serious development.... [Read More]
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