2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Vikings

2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Vikings

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Great all-around linebackers are always difficult to come by. The NFL is becoming more and more dependent on specialists at every position. Players who fit a particular scheme or even just a single position. Barr is a prospect who could feasibly do it all and offer something special in a 4-3 or a 3-4. He can stand up or put his hand in the turf. An excellent athlete who will eventually play the edge rusher role as an outside linebacker. Barr opted to return to UCLA for his senior year. He was already looking like a standout at that time and a potential second round pick according to my evaluation. Another year to learn the nuances of the game was a wise choice. Barr had spent his first two years as an H-back and special teams player. He really came into his own in 2012 when he was moved to outside linebacker. The 21-year-old possesses excellent size, length and speed. He has a frame which offers him a lot of groom to grow. He bends easily and can work the outside edge with his agility. Seems to have a knack for taking great lines of pursuit. Really long arms. Doesn't have great hand work or placement. Relies too much on athleticism and must learn to scrap and battle. Great b... [Read More]
Bridgewater took college football by storm in 2012; while his 2013 season was nearly just as good (if not better), there was some disappointment due to a mid-season loss to UCF that knocked Louisville out of National Championship contention. In his junior season, Bridgewater enjoyed many statistical improvements. He threw half as many interceptions and more passing TDs. His completion percentage improved slightly as well. Bridgewater shows excellent pocket awareness and poise. Seems to know every play and nuance in the playbook. Could be better with his footwork. Seems to be a bit overconfident in his ability to make plays when on the move, although he does not throw it up carelessly into double coverage. Excellent arm strength and steps into his throws. Accuracy is also very good and often hits players in the numbers. Can maintain velocity when feet are not set. Feels his way through the pocket and anticipates the rush well. Eyes are always locked downfield, even with an impending rush coming his way. Adequate touch on short to intermediate routes. No issues making every throw. Sometimes will try to muscle it into tight spaces. Quick decision making. Delivers the football w... [Read More]
Crichton looks like an ideal 4-3 DE at the next level. He has adequate size and a nice burst coming off the edge. He has some limited experience playing inside, so there is a long-term potential for him to grow into a 3-4 DE, assuming he adds the necessary weight over the coming years. An excellent anchor at the end of the line. Doesn't penetrate into the backfield often enough, but strong enough to not be pushed around and hold down his assignments. Good, but not great first step burst off the snap. Really good hand use and ability to disengage from blockers. Above-average speed, but certainly not a guy who will need to rely solely on a speed rush. Uses hands to his advantage and will punch into the chest to create separation. Stays on assignment. Good vision and ability to change directions using a variety of pass-rush moves. Good back/waist bend when hitting the edge rush. Extremely physical and aggressive. Really good motor. Doesn't give up on plays and shows a good backside pursuit. Above-average ability to weave through traffic to make a play on the ball. Crichton projects as a second round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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A trend of guards pushing their way into the first round has taken hold over the last few years. Yankey could be the next to accomplish such a feat, but if not, he still is a very talented and powerful lineman who should have a long, solid career. Yankey anchored Stanford's offensive line last year and although he did play tackle at times in his collegiate career, most NFL scouts are in agreement his future is at guard. He doesn't quite have the necessary quickness or foot speed to handle edge rushers. Great in-line run blocker and drives defenders off their mark with superior power. Uses and understands how to get leverage, but could be a bit more consistent with staying low later in games. Elite football instincts. High intelligence. Always on assignment and can quickly diagnose defensive fronts. Good heavy punch when in pass protection. Must continue to improve against faster pass-rushers. A bit heavy footed at times and will lumber in open spaces. Excellent nasty streak. Vicious, mauler's attitude in the trenches. Yankey projects as a late second or early third rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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