2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Patriots

2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Patriots

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Easley is a bit undersized for the position and will need to find the correct niche when advancing to the NFL. He is packed tight at 6-foot-2 and 280 pounds and could afford to add more lower body strength and girth throughout. Relentless style of play. Not particularly strong in his base; however, his active hands are always fighting for leverage. A bit sloppy in his technique/footwork when changing directions. Easily transitions between speed to a power rush. Makes the most of his height by staying low on the block and getting underneath taller blockers. Looks for the early advantage by blasting through his upper body into blocker's pads. Inconsistent ability to disengage if blockers get a hold of him. Played multiple positions for the Gators. Projects as a five-technique DE in 3-4 defense. Strength against double teams will leave him exposed and can be pushed around a little too easily at times. Excellent effort to the whistle. Should be faster and quicker given his size. Serious red flags with injuries over his collegiate career. May be untouchable for some teams because of durability concerns. Easley projects as a late second to early third round pick in the 2014 NFL ... [Read More]
The big numbers came easy for Garoppolo in the Ohio Valley Conference. His hair-trigger fast release is the talk of scouting circles, but the question lingers whether he can translate his FCS skills into the NFL. Garoppolo was the 2013 Walter Payton Award winner, an accolade given to FCS' most outstanding player. Uses a very quick and compact three-quarter delivery. Very quick decisions. Made a lot of simple reads against simple defenses. Below average deep ball accuracy. Much more accurate within 20 yards. Doesn't hold onto the football and will dump it off if pressured. Will hang in pocket, deliver the football and absorb the hit. Adequate height. Average athlete. Evasive enough to avoid pressure, but not a scrambler. Poised in the pocket, stays calm and finds the open man. Durable with no injury issues in college. Played almost exclusively out of the shotgun, so he will need time to adjust to playing under center. Average velocity on his throws. Footwork when throwing can become a bit sloppy. Will lean back or twist when he throws unnecessarily, which often compromises accuracy. Competitive leader. Played against very poor competition in FCS. Garoppolo projects as a s... [Read More]
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