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Alex Boone Scouting Report

Position: OL
Conference: Big10
School: Ohio State Buckeyes
Year/Status: Declared
Jersey Number: #75
Height & Weight: 6'8 - 328 lbs.

2009 NFL Combine Results
40-Yard Dash5.17
Bench press33

2009 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Alex Boone, OL, Ohio State

Alex Boone is one of the top tackle prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft. Boone is a huge, mountain of a man who practically lives in the film room according to his coaches. Boone is the leader of an offensive line that is averaging 192.5 yards rushing per game in 2008, even without the services of Chris "Beanie" Wells for part of the season. The Buckeye offensive line (which allowed only 19 sacks in 13 games last year), struggled in pass protection during the 2008 season, allowing 29 sacks in just 13 games. Alex Boone, however, deserves little of the blame for the line's struggles. Boone is very experienced, having played in 45 games in his career at Ohio State, and starting in 36 of those contests. Playing in the notoriously smash mouth Big Ten, Boone has become an excellent run blocker. He likes to get downfield in the run game and run over people in the secondary. Boone also happens to be a very, very intelligent offensive lineman, which helps him while pass blocking. He is always careful to slide pass protection to pick up blitzing linebackers or defensive backs. He uses excellent leverage and technique while blocking, and possesses adequate speed for such a huge lineman. Boone will have to move from left tackle in college to the right side in the NFL, because he doesn't possess the quickness to block the leagues elite speed rushers. Depending how the run on tackles starts, Boone could be drafted anywhere from the mid third round to the early fourth round. Alex Boone had an underwhelming end to his season, getting dominated by Texas' Brian Orakpo in his bowl game. However at the NFL Combine he did show he has the size and athleticism to develop into a very good right tackle. He ran a 5.17 second 40 yard dash at 328 pounds. He hasn't necessarily raised his draft stock because he still struggles against speed rushers, but he looked good enough in position drills that he hasn't hurt himself either.

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Prediction: 3rd Round

I disagree regarding the statement that Boone was dominated by Orakpo. Orakpo got a "pressure" on Boeckman over Boone's side but for the remainder of the game, played mostly on the Right side. He admitted in Combine interviews that Boone was the toughest blocker he had played against this year. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying Boone is the end all. But I don't think Orakpo dominated him at all. As for the rest of the article, I think you're fairly accurate about him. He did not give up a sack this year, however. Only gave up 2 pressures all year long, so the "underwhelming" thing is not as accurate as it could be either. I'm not sure how the kid out of favor this year regarding his play. i've watched a lot of film on him and although the general feeling about OSU's line is a big fat "so what" i don't think Boone was capable of blocking all comers.

Posted by:
SSchofield 03/30/09 10:00 AM
Prediction: 3rd Round

It would be nice to see more accurate info from you guys. I've been following Boone since high school. He started 5 games as a freshman, 11 games as a sophomore, 13 as a jumior and 13 as a senior and played in 49 games overall. Some of his more notable opponents include Lamar Woodley, Mich (starting for the WC Steelers) 2 games, 0 tackles/ All-Am Matt Shaunesee, Wisc. 3 games 2 tackles/ Maurice Evans Penn. St. 2 games 0 tackles including his nation leading sacker season in 2007/ Aaron Mabin, Penn St. 1 game 0 tackles in 08 and Orakpo in the Fiesta bowl who was completely dominated until he was moved to the other end in the middle of the 3 quarter. In OSU's embarassing loss to LSU in Boone's second Nat. Championship he pancaked Glen Dorsey twice. The list of current NFL opponents is even more impressive and Boone was equally dominating. He's never been hurt and never missed a even a practice in college because of injury. I think he's been snubbed because of OSU's persona. This kid is a steele in the 3rd round and he's going to play for a long time.

Posted by:
richsulzer 04/01/09 11:56 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

I really like this kid. I also have been following him since high school. Kinda shocked people aren't talking about him. Only dent in his armor is that he tends to play a little high sometimes, but when he stays down and uses those long arms to lock out he's as good as any. I'm kinda lobbying him to go to Cleveland in the second round. He would be a Great replacement for the overpaid Schaffer that they let go. I think he make a great book end combo with Joe Thomas for many years to come. Would be a steal for any team in the second round or lower.Way better talent than Andre"Keith Mccants" Smith.

Posted by:
Bro Namath 04/04/09 01:20 PM
Prediction: 4th Round

The most serious "dent" in Boone's armor is his off-field behavior. With two significant alcohol-related incidents -- DUI in 2006 and geting tasered by California police this February -- teams will tread lightly around him. He could be a very nice pick-up for some team -- if they can get him to shape up.

Posted by:
nitschke66 04/07/09 09:06 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

hey richsulzer, you've been following boone since high school? I guess so, you're his uncle. It would be nice if you'd mention that. it seems a bit deceptive not to. And maybe you could have done a little more to keep him out of the West Park bars. This "character" issue seems to be a family thing

Posted by:
tomdenk 04/15/09 08:27 AM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Hey tomdenk- Whether richsulzer is his uncle or not, he gave an accurate assessment of Boone. This kid is talented! To question "character" of Boone and his family because the kid has made a few mistakes is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that Boone has made common college kid mistakes that are magnified because he is an athlete and in the public spotlight. Boone is a first round talent, but will be drafted later because of his discretions. He is a lock at right tackle and will start there day one. I would not be surprised if he ends up down the road as the left tackle for someone. He will go the route that Jason Peters took, play as the right tackle spot, then move to the left tackle spot and end up a pro bowler. I hope the Buffalo Bills pick this kid up and we will have a pro bowler for years!

Posted by:
buffallofootballfan 04/23/09 08:19 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

hey buffalofootballfan (probably rich sulzer), getting tasered twice and arrested isn't a "common college kid" mistake. The kid has a drinking problem that never got addressed. Now it's cost him millions. The fact is that he couldn't handle the pressure and he should have got help. Time will tell.

Posted by:
tomdenk 04/25/09 08:43 AM
Prediction: Undrafted

hey buffalo, of course his mistakes are going to be magnified and spotlighted more than the average kid's. Alex's potential income is also magnfied as well as his responsibiilities to his teammates and the organization that he plays for. I live in West Park, so spare me the bull about a few mistakes. I don't want to hear the sorry excuses and neither do NFL general managers.

Posted by:
tomdenk 04/26/09 04:16 PM
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