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Garrett Grayson Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: MountainWest
School: Colorado State Rams
Year/Status: Senior
Jersey Number: #18
Height & Weight: 6'2 - 213 lbs.
Draft Prediction: Third Round
Drafted 3.11 in 2015 by NO

2015 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State

The rifle-armed pocket passer is never going to be confused for being a scrambler, but if given time to locate his receivers, Grayson does so with great accuracy. He's ranked third in Mountain West Conference history with a 145.3 pass efficiency rating. He possesses a smooth release and gets to his set point with balance and agility. He has the ability to read the coverage and knows what is going on.

Grayson no longer locks on to his primary target and has greatly improved his ability for locating his second and third receiver (reduced his interception figure to seven as a senior). He previously made some bad decisions when flushed out of the pocket or when pressured (has thrown 27 interceptions at CSU), but as a senior, his patience allowed him to be more creative rather than try to force the issue.

The Rams senior showed during practices leading up to the 2015 Senior Bowl that he possesses good touch, doing a nice job of leading the receiver to the ball with minimal adjustment. He throws good fades and is effective on wide-open streaks. On his long throws, he does a good job of hitting his receivers in stride and over the outside shoulder. He was unable to further impress teams at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combines, as he was sidelined during the agility tests due to a right hamstring pull.

Grayson has a well-built frame, but does not possess the ideal height you look for in a quarter-back, compensating by solid down field vision. He shows good upper and lower body bone structure, with solid chest, shoulder and arm thickness, but he has also had problems with both shoulders, requiring surgery to repair before his final season. His latest injury (hamstring) also came at an inopportune time.

Grayson has good mobility and quickness, but does not rely on his speed to be much of a threat running with the ball. He is quick to change direction, showing the range of motion to escape pocket pressure. While he looks strong in his lower frame, he needs to work on improving his strength to absorb punishment standing in against the rush. When forced to move out of the pocket, he does not show the balance and agility to gain valid yardage with his feet, thus the reason he should never be used as a running threat (has 283 yards on 212 carries with four touchdowns - none in 2014).

Grayson knows the offense as good as the coaching staff and spends the extra hours studying tapes. He is quick to grasp even the most complicated of offensive systems and will have no problems digesting the playbook. He is quick to grasp defensive formations and needs only normal reps to retain.

The Rams quarterback just needs to show better ability to make progression reads and make better judgment when forced to leave the pocket. He too often leaves the ball exposed when flushed out of the pocket and in 35 starts, he's fumbled the ball 22 times, leading to seven touchdown drives by opponents after those turnovers.

Grayson picks up changes in the defense almost immediately when operating under center and has the total confidence of his coach to devise game plans and execute it on the field. He will get a bit too hard on himself when he makes a mistake, but is also very accountable and not the type that will deflect blame.

Grayson has good balance and quick feet in his set up. He has the intelligence to know when to step into his throws and shows enough foot speed to buy time when forced out of the pocket. He throws with an efficiently tight spiral and looks very comfortable taking his drops from center to his pass set point.

He demonstrates the feet and balance needed to drive back from center, set up and be in position to unleash the ball in an instant. He has the body control to take the snap, drive off with his back foot and get to his set point before the defense can properly digest the backfield activity.

When firing in the short-to-intermediate area, he displays a compact and smooth release, putting good zip behind his throws to connect with his receivers, but must do a better job of hitting his targets while they are in stride or coming out of their breaks when trying to stretch the field. He can be systematic in his approach, getting the ball off quickly, but you can see a bit of a long wind-up when he throws long.

Still, he has enough arm strength to get decent accuracy on his long tosses, when he steps up in the pocket. When he throws with a high release, he demonstrates outstanding quickness. He can throw across his body effectively, but there are times you have to question his ability to improvise on the move.

Grayson does a decent job of placing his long tosses on the outside shoulder of his targets, but has better success executing those throws from the pocket. When firing deep on the move, his receivers will generally need to adjust, as his attempts will tend to flutter thanks to a lack of ideal arm strength. He shows good zip on his short throws, but when he fails to set his feet, he will get into a rhythm where the receiver will have to accelerate in order to get to his tosses, as he will over-lead at times.

The Rams senior has the body control to make things happen when he steps into his throws, but while he has the vision to locate soft spots running with the pigskin, he has to be more conscious to backside pressure. He does not show that he can throw well on the move, despite displaying the loose hips to redirect and avoid pressure.

Grayson shuffles his feet well to avoid low tackles, but you would like to see more consistency in attempting to step up in the pocket to make the completion. He has the lateral agility to slide in the pocket and the ability to stand tall and hit his targets in stride on timing routes, but must concede that one of his biggest liabilities is ball security, especially on the move or vs. backside pressure. (22 fumbles and 27 interceptions).

Garrett Grayson NFL Scouting Combine measurable

30-inch arm length
10-inch hands

Scouting report provided by's Dave-Te Thomas.

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