Colt McCoy Scouting Report

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Colt McCoy Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: Big12
School: Texas Longhorns
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #12
Height & Weight: 6'3 - 210 lbs.
Drafted 3.21 in 2010 by CLE

2010 NFL Combine Results
40-Yard Dash4.79
Broad jump9'06

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

Colt McCoy's career in Austin, Texas has been an amazing one. Not only is it very impressive for a freshman quarterback to start at Texas, but McCoy threw for 29 touchdowns and just seven interceptions during his freshman campaign in 2006. He even completed over 68 percent of his passes. All of that success earned him a ton of accolades and it built the expectations really, really high. McCoy failed to live up to those expectations as a sophomore. Asked to throw more often, McCoy did garner 3,303 yards through the air, but he threw just 22 touchdowns and was intercepted 18 times. His completion percentage dropped to about 65 percent and he was even sacked 24 times, twice as much as he was the previous season. So nobody was quite sure which McCoy would be showing for the 2008 season. However, that question was answered very quickly and McCoy ended up throwing for 3,859 yards, 34 touchdowns and just eight interceptions. However, there is a reason why McCoy does not get much love from NFL draft pundits. At 6-3 and 210 pounds he is not as big as most NFL teams would like and he does not have a rifle arm. His arm is very accurate and McCoy knows how to win games, but that will not be enough to turn him into one of the top NFL prospects. He will not be a top prospect, but McCoy could still be a primetime selection (especially since he opted to return to school for his senior season). A team willing to take a chance on a player who can control the offense would likely take McCoy in the second or third round. 1/19 Update: McCoy's senior season success has some thinking that he could be a first round selection after all. He knows how to control an offense and his importance to Texas was obvious during the National Championship game when he left early with an injury and the Longhorns struggled offensively the rest of the game. However, the issues are still the same as they were earlier and it remains to be seen if an NFL team wants to invest first round money in McCoy. 4/7 Update: McCoy finally threw for NFL teams and proved that his injury suffered in the BCS National Championship game is in the past. By most accounts, McCoy did a great job with his footwork and accuracy and had as much arm strength as anybody expected. Even with an average pro day, McCoy would likely have gone in the second round just because he is the third or fourth best quarterback in this class, but this should easily put him in the second round and possibly very early in the second round.

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Prediction: 1st Round


Posted by:
pro footbal fan 08/26/09 09:40 AM
Prediction: 2nd Round

COlt McCoy could be a 1st round pick but teams i think will overlook him and McCoy might be the best qb in this class. The nfl is increasing number of shotgun/spread plays run and COlt McmCoy could be good in this offense. Mccoy is a future starter. I think the Broncos would be a good fit for him

Posted by:
seahawks875 12/03/09 11:11 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Colt mcCoy will defently go as a #1 draft pick he can defently be a nfl starting quarterback and i think he will go to the seatle seahawks

Posted by:
mannymackin 12/28/09 04:22 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

why is everyboby sleeping on colt ?
accurate ,mobile, smart and is actually a qb(teabow diss)
i wish the niners would draft him

Posted by:
backdoorman86 01/04/10 11:07 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Hey backdoorman86 It's spelt TEBOW NOT TEABOW he is not a tea pot. Back to the topic. Colt McCoy hmmmmmm let me think about this oh yeah the Washington Redskins will draft him. Why? well HELLO Camble wants out Bradfords too risky with his injury so McCoy will wnd up there. Also last time I checked the seahawks, niners, and broncoes already have QB's. yeah I belive he is ok he is not an Eli Manning shoot i'd even take Vick before him but if if you're looking for a rookie QB to build your franchise around I guess McCoy is the only one there.


Posted by:
destroyer12211221 01/05/10 04:32 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

By far the best overall pick in the draft, those teams who pass on this QB, will be missing out on a future Hall of Famer. Probably will be ranked with the best of all-time. With big time recievers and talented RB, McCoy will shine brighter than he ever imagined. He has more to play for, after all he should have won the Heisman not once but twice. The year of Bradford and the Alabama RB, who was that again? oh a sophmore, get real!!!

Posted by:
PleaseMrPlease 01/10/10 06:39 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

I am very torn on Colt McCoy. He is a superb athlete, extremely accurate, smart, and a great leader. However, he played in a spread system, and has an average at best arm. He is a guy that could be very good in the NFL or he could be a total bust. I lean toward somewhere in the middle I think he will be a solid quarterback for a team. His mobility is a plus, and he has a knack for winning games. If he performs well in the combine and private drills he could go late first otherwise he is a second rounder.

Posted by:
irishdriver77 01/24/10 01:37 AM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Minimal physical abilities...great leadership abilities but he will b exposed @ the next level

Posted by:
Raiderred 01/24/10 07:50 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

marc bulger: 6'3" 212
brett favre: 6'2" 220
jake delhomme: 6'2" 215
tony romo: 6'2" 224
mark sanchez: 6'2" 225
aaron rodgers: 6'2" 220
drew brees: 6'0" 209
kurt warner: 6'2" 214

.... colt mccoy: 6'3" 212

have a look at the truth gents, by standards of QB's starting in the nfl - colt mccoy is NOT too small. so all the over-and-over-and-over again talk on the subject is really for nothing. and smirk if you will, but real talk - colt mccoy has a better arm than any qb in college football history. he doesnt have THE rifle-est arm in college history, but that is not what makes a QB. there aren't ANY quarterbacks who throw farther than colt ... that can throw more or even equally as accurate. period. there isn't a team in existence that would choose a 80 yard bomb into the arms of the opposing defense over a 60 yard completion or touchdown for their team. and thats what colt delivers. he hits receivers in stride with the accuracy to allow for yards after the catch - and can do it while on the run.

to say that colt mccoy isn't an eli manning (destroyer) is right on ... because eli is a continual, tempermental flop. he's had four good games in his whole career. why does that guy get paid more than peyton ...????

and "raiderred" for you to say he has minimal physical capabilities is ridiculous - you're an obvious texas tech fan still bitter from that 10 point loss. get real.

i wont say colt will get drafted in the first round - but for those weak teams like st. louis - they'd be dumb not to pick him up. indianapolis was the worse team during the 1998 draft when they decided to build their team around a less mobile QB similar in intellect and accuracy, and look what happened.

Posted by:
calvinstew 01/30/10 05:59 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round

I would like him with Denver.

Posted by:
damiangonzales93 02/03/10 06:18 AM
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