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Ndamukong Suh Scouting Report

Position: DT
Conference: Big10
School: Nebraska Corn Huskers
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #93
Height & Weight: 6'4 - 300 lbs.
Drafted 1.2 in 2010 by DET

2010 NFL Combine Results
40-Yard Dash4.98
Bench press32
Vertical jump35.5
Broad jump8'09

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Even as a freshman it was becoming clear that Ndamukong Suh would turn into a great defensive tackle. He earned freshman all-conference accolades as a redshirt freshman, despite not even starting a game. He stepped into a starting role as a sophomore and totaled 34 tackles. As an upperclassman in 2008, Suh became the first defensive lineman since 1976 to lead the team in tackles. He added 7.5 sacks and 19.0 tackles-for-loss during that season. Heading into 2009 there was little doubt who would anchor the Nebraska defense; Suh has not disappointed. Through six games he is leading the team with 36 tackles and 9.0 tackles-for-loss. More important than the numbers is the fact that Suh is a game changer. The opposing offense has to keep an eye on him on every play or Suh will make them pay. Suh is separating himself from the rest of the defensive tackles and, at this point, should be the first one taken in the 2010 NFL Draft. Suh is dominating so much that he could even turn into the first overall pick. Of course, that will depend on who has the first pick and what that team needs, but Suh is certainly one of a handful of players who warrant first overall selection consideration. 1/19 Update: After one of the most dominating seasons by a defensive tackle in the history of college football, there is little doubt that Suh is the best player in this draft class on either side of the ball. Even casual fans became aware of the supremacy of the Heisman Trophy finalist after he nearly led the Cornhuskers to victory over Texas in the Big 12 Championship game and shutdown the Arizona offense in the Holiday Bowl. If St. Louis does not take him with the first pick, they may regret it for the next decade. 4/7 Update: However, despite all the talent, defensive tackles are not considered a value position. And while Suh has done nothing to change anybody's mind regarding his ability to dominate the line, he could fall a couple spots in the draft because quarterbacks and offensive tackles are more valuable positions. In the worst case scenario, St. Louis takes a quarterback and the Lions take an offensive tackle and Suh goes third to Tampa Bay.

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Prediction: 1st Round

Watching Suh practically dismantle the Missouri offense single-handedly, I was blown away by his skill set. He is super strong, quick as a cat, and has ability to dissect plays. It is very rare to see a player of his size with his level of athleticism, and his ability to take over a game. Other than a top-notch QB being available at the same time, I would have a hard time passing up a player of his immense talent.

Posted by:
cogan 10/19/09 10:23 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

The most dominating DT i've ever seen at the college level.

Posted by:
osubuckeyes14 12/10/09 06:50 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Suh is a scary prospect. The man destroyed offensive lines this year. Teams were triple teaming him and he would still make a play. He almost won the game against Texas by himself. He is the most dominant defensive lineman I have seen since Reggie White. He has great size, and his explosion out of his stance just overwhelmes opposing players. He is fast, and powerful and is able to use brute strength or finesse to beat his man. No disernable weakness. He is nearly perfect. A top 2 if not number 1 pick.

Posted by:
irishdriver77 01/24/10 02:00 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

I have a feeling he is going to end up like the rest of the can' t miss Defensive Tackles taken in the past. Does anyone remember Ryan Sims The so called improved version of Warren Sapp. Played on the same team as John Hendricks of Jacksonville said Hendricks was too tall and unsteady to be an effective Defensive Tackle Sims was the fifth over all pick Hendricks the 117th over all pick. Sims never did anything Hendricks a multi time pro bowler. What about James " the Beast " Dommers so called the unstoppable beast by Mel Kiper. He didn't even finish his contract before he was out the door. Chicago Never did miss him.

Posted by:
armygrunt76 01/29/10 10:36 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

He better stay in a 4-3 defense or he will just be another foot note. Just like Brian Bosworth.

Posted by:
armygrunt76 01/29/10 10:39 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Here are some others you may have forgot about Keith McCants, Huey Richardson, Johnathan Sullivan.

Posted by:
armygrunt76 01/29/10 10:50 AM
Prediction: Undrafted


Posted by:
nflmaster 02/14/10 09:59 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Wow, R U guys serious? Bosworth was a steroid freak! Suh eats wheaties buddy! I do agree he better be in a 4-3, but that is obvious. He is not 340! You guys are smokin some good stuff if you think he's gonna be a bust!

Posted by:
B atch 02/15/10 11:59 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Why should he stay in a 4-3? He would be dominating as an end in a 3-4. Suh will not be a bust. He could succeed as a nose as well. he's super strong and has great agility.

Posted by:
lockhart985 02/18/10 06:19 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Well I am a old broken hearted Detroit Lions fan.I have seen what look to be great #1 choices on paper and that's what they were.Problem was it was flash paper.I think Detroit made a great pic in Mat Stafford,when he got hurt last year he show his team he was a true mans QB something Detroit hasn't had in years.You can bet the offensive line respects him far more now and will try harder to protect him in the future.But what Mat needs is a defense that can put him back on the field again and again.My money says Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska is the best pic Detroit could make at this point in time.Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma is another great pic so I wont be hurt to bad either way because i dont belive Suh will be there.

Posted by:
ronp2000 02/24/10 10:45 AM
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