Toby Gerhart Scouting Report
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Toby Gerhart Scouting Report

Position: RB
Conference: Pac12
School: Stanford Cardinal
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #7
Height & Weight: 6'1 - 235 lbs.
Drafted 2.19 in 2010 by MIN

2010 NFL Combine Results
40-Yard Dash4.53
Bench press22
Vertical jump38.0
Broad jump9'10
Three-cone drill6.94
20-yard shuttle4.25

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

Toby Gerhart comes into the 2010 NFL Draft as perhaps one of the most athletically gifted big backs. He started one game -- played in eleven -- as a freshman in 2006 on his way to lead the team in rushing with 403 yards on 106 carries (3.8 ypc.). He had a monster game against San Jose State in 2007 (141 yards, 11.75 ypc. with a TD) before hurting his knee, forcing him to miss the entire season. Then he got a medical redshirt that fall, but he came back with a vengeance the following year as he became only the fifth back in Stanford's history to topple the 1,000 yard mark (1,136). He also posted the school's second best ground scoring effort (15 TDs). All of this in the background of an impressive 101-1 TD effort against arguably the best defensive front seven in PAC-10 history (USC Trojans). Gerhart has good size with well developed upper body strength. He is a good athlete who has also played baseball for the school's highly touted team. A straight-ahead runner who is best between the tackles, Gerhart has good vision, making him able to read blocks well. He is powerful and runs with good pad level. He is just an average blocker who shows a solid base to anchor against the blitz; he was used sparingly as a receiver, but when thrown to, he is able to routinely catch the football. He has deceptive speed (4.55), but can't consistently turn the corner. Gerhart also does not have a second gear, and has limited experience pass blocking. His route running is inconsistent, at best and he has a poor feel for reading coverage. Gerhart is a player without a position; he is not fast enough to be a future back and not big enough to be a fullback. Gerhart is a good, overall prospect with limited upside. His lack of explosiveness will most likely confine him to an H-back type of role in the NFL. 3/3 Update: Gerhart proved at the NFL Combine that he is right in the mix with some of the other running backs in this class. He delivered a 4.53 40 and that was huge with many considering him a pure power back. He is not a playmaker like C.J. Spiller or Jahvid Best, but he is a running back who can take some hits. The same cannot be said for Spiller or Best. In the end, Gerhart should be a late first round or early second round selection and be right in there with Jonathan Dwyer and Ryan Mathews when running backs start flying off the board late in the first round.

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Prediction: 1st Round

Why is this years Doak Walker award winner considered as anything other than a RB? Thats like turning the Belitnikoff award winner into a kicker, it makes no sense.

I know its hard for some people to accept a white guy as a legit RB, but get over it. Toby is a RB and thats it.

Posted by:
chris371 12/26/09 02:03 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I don't know if Gerhart is a 1st round pick, but I think Chris 371 makes a legitamate point. White RBs always are looked at as inferior. This is rediculous. This goes all the way back to High School. College recruiters frequently either do not want to look at white kids as RBs or CBs or they want to change their positions. Some how White kids who run 4.5 and dominate are considered not fast enough or not explosive. While at the same time a Black kid who runs 4.6 or 4.7 is considered legit, This points out blatent racial biases against white football players in certain positions. It's about time that this issue is looked at. This would not be tolerated if it were the other way around.

Posted by:
4js 12/29/09 07:31 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Might go later unfortunately. RBs are a dime a dozen and teams have 2 now a days. Few teams in need. Chris371 shouldnt play the race card, its all about times and style (upright) NOT color. I love this guy, as a Skins fan I see Riggins all over again. GMs will worry about fumbling problems when fighting 4 xtra yards. Can get away w/ that at college level but NOT pros. I hope he falls to top of second so my SKINS can grab him and give him #44 (aint happening).

Posted by:
flock53 12/30/09 03:10 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round


Posted by:
balldickball75 01/04/10 12:24 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

The so-called experts from the PAC-10 picked him 5th or 6th best back in his own conference for preseason. What did he do? Found himself in NYC as runner-up in the Heisman. So, it really doesn't matter where he goes in the draft. Mark my words, if he stays healthy and a team gives him a chance to may wind up reading about him again getting an award. His will & determination is what separates him from others. I suspect he will demonstrate that in the NFL as well. If he stays healthy, he will become a premier back in the NFL very quickly. He is that GOOD!

Posted by:
jlovesfootball 01/11/10 09:24 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

He is a first round talent that will be drafted in the late 2nd round because people continue to underestimate him. He is a fantastic power back with solid breakaway speed. Sure he is no Chris Johnson, but he will still fill a need looking for a good power back for a platoon system. He wont beat you on the corner but if you need three or four yards in a critical situation Gerhart will get the job done period.

Posted by:
irishdriver77 01/22/10 02:29 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

He will go in the 2nd and he is a #1 back. This is a punishing load of a back and is deceptive until people try to tackle him. Who ever gets this kid is going to be very happy with him. He pancaked the USC backfield.

Posted by:
leothelion 01/22/10 08:49 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I would consider Gerhart to be an ideal backup RB for Steven Jackson if my Rams chose him in the 2nd round but consider him a much better steal if we somehow got him in the 3rd round instead of the 2nd round. From the folks I've spoken with about him, he's a better receiving AND blocking back than is being said in here. I'd prefer having him for short-yardage situations instead of blocking, though, to be honest.

Posted by:
Prediction: 2nd Round

I don't think that he's necessarily only a power back. He has 4.5 speed. That's as fast as Adrien Peterson. He reminds me more of the Titans' Lendell White; a good back to keep down and distance with the occasional big run.

Posted by:
akryan 02/05/10 07:58 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

I think gerhart, if given a chance will have a great carrer. He reminds me alot of john riggins. the forty time in football is so overblown. you are talking a percentage of a second and gerhart has to many upsides to get stuck on that. I hope the nfl is able to get over their anti-white stance on tail backs. look at how far the nfl has come on its stance that black Qb's can't win. That stance is a thing of the past. Toby gerhart will be great if given a chance.

Posted by:
zonk printz 02/09/10 09:24 AM
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