Armanti Edwards Scouting Report

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Armanti Edwards Scouting Report

Position: WR
Conference: Div I-AA
School: Appalachian State Mountaineers
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #14
Height & Weight: 5'11 - 185 lbs.
Drafted 3.25 in 2010 by CAR

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Armanti Edwards, WR, Appalachian State

We all remember Edwards slashing through a stunned Michigan defense during Appalachian State's 2007 opening season upset over the Wolverines. His performance (227 yards passing, 62 rushing and 4 TDs) that day catapulted him to the national stage. For the year, he completed 148 out of 221 passes for 1,948 yards and a 17-7 TD-INT ratio. He also rushed for 1,588 yards on 237 carriers (6.7 ypc) and 21 TDs. Edwards did not let up the following season as he once again was one of the most explosive weapons in all of college football; he had 941 yards on the ground (193 carries with 4.9 ypc), 11 scores, and threw for 2,902 yards (64.1 completition percentage) with 30 TDs and only nine interceptions. Despite mind-boggling numbers, Edwards had been discarded as a QB prospect by nearly all NFL talent evaluators; he is viewed as a WR/RB-type of athlete. There's little question he can make it as a situational wide out at the next level. He is a superior athlete with explosive speed (4.43) and very good running instincts and vision. Very elusive and agile, Edwards routinely makes the first man miss. He is great in the open field, has good (but untested) hands and is a tough competitor with a desire to improve. However, Edwards is rail thin with skinny legs. He has almost no experience playing receiver and will need time to learn. This is one of the most complicated prospects to project. Talent wise, he is nearly on par with Miami's Pat White. In fact, an argument can be made that he is a more polished passer than the former West Virginia star; A team will take a fly on him late. With time and effort, he could develop into an explosive (albeit part time) split out.

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Prediction: 3rd Round

In 2006, App State coaches knew they had a special player come into the program and they knew how to use his talent. Edwards is blessed with a passion for the game, never quit attitude, a field pressence that can't be taught, and one of the quickest releases of any college quarterback in history. Put him behind a decent offensive line with receivers that can catch and watch his magic fill stadiums on Sunday. Hey Panthers, he's right in your back yard and without a doubt is a diamond in the ruff at quarterback. Give him a shot!

Posted by:
dmdx2 04/18/10 09:26 AM
Prediction: 7th Round

Armanti Edwards deserves a shot to be a QB, but has a small chance of succeeding. He is fun to watch and was a excellent college QB, I'm a Michigan fan so I should hate him, but there have been others like him that made it. Seneca Wallace.

Posted by:
jnols 04/16/10 09:22 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Sibo unaccurate really......... please go to and watch the app vs wofford game and take in what you see. He has great accuracy in the pocket and while scrambling!!!

Posted by:
AppStateFan14 04/04/10 05:16 PM
Prediction: 4th Round

I agree with you Mr. Colon that a NFL prospect such as Armanti Edwards is difficult to project. And we all know of many examples of outstanding college players who failed to produce at the next level so we will have to wait to let Armanti show us what he can do!

But you know, I have watched this young man play game after game at a very high level. Of course his stats reflect this. But one thing stats don't reflect is how many games Armanti and App State came from behind in, and stayed in and won, or almost won, in the last 4 years. This Kid knows how to play under pressure and is not rattled by the scoreboard, the clock or by playing in a hostile environment. His stats were nearly the same whether playing at home or away.

I believe Armanti Edwards' "never give-up" attitude will prove to be an asset to whoever drafts him or signs him and at whatever position they ask him to play! Let's Watch and see!

Posted by:
black&goldheart 03/29/10 09:12 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Sibo, accuracy? You obviously haven't seen his stats!! Give him a break, a baseball player? How many games have you seen him play??

Posted by:
carpubwhselookie123 02/25/10 08:39 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Its crazy that AE is listed as a WR. That will not happen. He is the only QB to ever throw for 10,000 and rush for 4,000 in either FBS or FCS. A college record that will probably stand for a long time !!

Posted by:
carpubwhselookie123 02/25/10 08:35 PM
Prediction: 6th Round

Edwards is one of the most explosive, dynamic players in college football history. He goes into each contest believing his team will win. Although not a large player physically, his heart to compete is huge....just ask The boys in Ann Arbor.

Posted by:
tigerlou 02/10/10 09:45 PM
Prediction: Undrafted

All of you appstate fans need a reality check. Stats mean nothing. Sure he has a good arm and has electric speed. But he has little accuracy, has no experience in a pro offense, and he throws the ball like a baseball player, which means he'll never get a pass off in the nfl. He's a poor man's Brad Smith.

Posted by:
sibo 02/09/10 11:03 AM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Mr. Colon with all do respect you and all other draft anyalsts are stuck up! Im saying you are stuck because no matter how good a fcs player you will never give them credit where credit is do! This man broke records in both FCS and FBS but just cause hes FCS he is projected 7th to FA!!! All draft Anyalsts go to and watch some videos and you will change your mind!

Posted by:
AppStateFan14 01/07/10 06:33 PM
Prediction: 5th Round

I'm a die hard App State fan. Trust me, hes a BEAST

Posted by:
Favrepack044 12/12/09 12:07 PM