Ryan Mallett Scouting Report

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Ryan Mallett Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: SEC
School: Arkansas Razorbacks
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #15
Height & Weight: 6'6 - 238 lbs.
Drafted 3.10 in 2011 by NE

2011 NFL Combine Results
Vertical jump24.0
Broad jump8'7

2011 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Mallett certainly has the physical tools to be a force at the next level. He stands at 6'6'' and 238 pounds and--not surprisingly--has a rocket arm. The former Arkansas quarterback has drawn comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger and while those may be fair, he needs to improve in order for those sentiments to come to fruition. Mallett made strides in college, especially in the accuracy department. He completed 43.3 percent of his passes as a freshman, 55.8 as a sophomore, and 64.7 as a junior.

The numbers started to come in his second season, proving that Mallett was not all talent and no production. The Michigan transfer tossed 30 touchdowns against just seven interceptions for the Razorbacks, while throwing for 3627 yards. As a junior he completed 266 passes for 411 yards with 3869 yards, 32 scores, and 12 picks. He led Arkansas to a berth in the Sugar Bowl.

Mallett was probably wise to return to Arkansas for his junior year, but now it is time for him to come out (and he is). He may not be the No. 1 quarterback taken, but he will benefit from Andrew Luck's return to Stanford. A Top 10 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft is not out of the question.

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Prediction: 1st Round

i think he needs to go to the bronco in the first

Posted by:
yusuf112 12/31/09 06:22 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

i agree that the broncos should take him, but i think it should be in the 2nd round

Posted by:
OC31 01/04/10 03:31 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

I beleive with him going to the 9ers. he could hae the run game with gore, and the young receivers in Crabree and Vernon Davis at TE

Posted by:
jkk0752 01/20/10 11:20 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Bound to be a high pick next year. So Denver and San Fran are unlikely

Posted by:
damiangonzales93 02/03/10 06:19 AM
Prediction: 3rd Round

very talented

Posted by:
davidbuskirk 03/06/10 04:53 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

High first round. Possibly 1st overall to Buffallo if all these so called gurus get over the mancrush for Joke Locker and Andrew Lucky. If you doubt me look at ALL THE STATISTICS and explain how this guy is not any better then they are. I know you cant cause the stats arent there where they are any better. 3rd round! Man are you high? He plays in atougher conference and has as good numbers as Peyton did. Let him slip to a good team and you may regret it!

Posted by:
Smarterthanthiscrap 07/31/10 01:01 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Mid first round. He was a UofM Transfer??? Why did he leave? Did it have something to do with Chad Henne? That STINKS!!! We needed him last year!, and even more the year before!

Posted by:
Redwingchris19 09/19/10 09:02 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

i think he should go to 49ers so he can take alex smith starting spot

Posted by:
lil Cayleb 10/11/10 02:47 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

They are comparing this kid to Ben Roethlisberger?? I don't care what round this guy gets drafted in, there is no chance that he will be any kind of quarterback that matters in the NFL. Yes, his size is impressive and he's got an arm. Mike Cherry, also from Texarkana, had/has a cannon and never really made anything significant come from it. There is no doubt that Mallet has a great arm, but he is also about as mobile as the Statue of Liberty in the pocket. All in all, I would like him as a perpetual backup-QB on my fantasy team.

Posted by:
NJDevil707 11/09/10 10:10 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

to the miami dolphins

Posted by:
gomiamiphins 12/12/10 06:17 PM
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