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Ryan Mallett Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: SEC
School: Arkansas Razorbacks
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #15
Height & Weight: 6'6 - 238 lbs.
Drafted 3.10 in 2011 by NE

2011 NFL Combine Results
Vertical jump24.0
Broad jump8'7

2011 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Mallett certainly has the physical tools to be a force at the next level. He stands at 6'6'' and 238 pounds and--not surprisingly--has a rocket arm. The former Arkansas quarterback has drawn comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger and while those may be fair, he needs to improve in order for those sentiments to come to fruition. Mallett made strides in college, especially in the accuracy department. He completed 43.3 percent of his passes as a freshman, 55.8 as a sophomore, and 64.7 as a junior.

The numbers started to come in his second season, proving that Mallett was not all talent and no production. The Michigan transfer tossed 30 touchdowns against just seven interceptions for the Razorbacks, while throwing for 3627 yards. As a junior he completed 266 passes for 411 yards with 3869 yards, 32 scores, and 12 picks. He led Arkansas to a berth in the Sugar Bowl.

Mallett was probably wise to return to Arkansas for his junior year, but now it is time for him to come out (and he is). He may not be the No. 1 quarterback taken, but he will benefit from Andrew Luck's return to Stanford. A Top 10 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft is not out of the question.

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Prediction: 1st Round

Along with whoever replaces Dan Henning as the new OC in Miami, Mallet could bring a spark that is missing in the Dolphins passing attack, i agree. That being said, every Dolphan will tell you that a simple change at OC could very well mean a re-born Chad Henne ( the one we saw late last season ). Anyway I'm pretty sure they'll go QB ...... or RB ( Ingram ) in the 1st.

Posted by:
VLombardi 12/27/10 11:01 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Honestly if would be better for Ryan Mallet if the draft gurus don't get on his bandwagon because then he won't be asked to carry a crappy team from Day-1 as a Top-5 pick. Let him ride back of the bus and he will wind up on a disappointing-to-mediocre team with a better owner (than Carolina) and less pressure to do everything himself. Mallet throwing deep square-ins to Marshall (in Miami), fades to Rice (in Minnesota) or posts to Fitzgerald (in Arizona) could be very entertaining. Whatever team does pick him will need to have a solid O-Line in place becasue he doesn't (yet) have the pocket mobility/awareness of a playoff caliber QB.

Posted by:
mblahnik 12/29/10 02:18 AM
Prediction: 2nd Round

as of 12-30-2010 ryan mallett is already being compared unfavorably to ryan leaf, he has serious maturity issues and nfl scouts have already red flagged him.
all that said he defines potential bust in other areas as well. he has zero mobility whatsoever, none!
watch him closely, he gets away with many terrible decisions cause of arm strength, that mentality will not transfer in the nfl where the best of the best play. if he is coachable and grows up he has a chance to be very good. his combine interview will dertermine his draft position. with his mobility issues i wouldnt touch him!!

Posted by:
naflack75 12/31/10 12:08 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

He's easily a first rounder because of his size and arm strength, and the performances against the SEC defenses will help too. But the bowl game against Ohio State wasn't the best last memory to put in people's heads. He had some receivers drop some passes but he also missed on quite a few too, and he seems pretty immature as well, mouthing off at receivers when the passes didn't connect. I think he's another Phillip Rivers: all the tools but immature. Looks like Rivers has grown up a little lately so maybe there is hope for Mallett too.

Posted by:
FantaC 01/07/11 12:22 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Are y'all serious when y'all say broncos????? Surely not right they just got tim tebo did y'all forget ,,,I mean I don't like Tim but , I'm sure there not gonna get mallett when there already paying Tim , the kind of money there paying him. I wish the bengals would pick him up they could really use him ,Palmer will be leaving sooner than later from what I've been reading on there fan page and I'm from Arkansas and a huge hog fan and mallett has even talked about the bengals and even the bills , saying he liked them, his favorite QB is Tom Brady though I wish it wasn't but it is .....I don't care what anyone says but mallett is a very very great QB he does need to improve on a few things but who doesn't right,,,,he should go in the top 4 picks ,,,,to either bengals , bills, or San Fran.

Posted by:
Calebchism16 01/11/11 04:15 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Mobility issues are you serious naflack75. You must be a fair weather fan ,,,I'm thinking saints,,,,,or. Patriots,,,,,,and in NCAA u are a whoever is on a 3 year dynasty ,,,,,am I right ,,,,,oh right u wouldn't tell me if I was haha

Posted by:
Calebchism16 01/11/11 04:21 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Panthers #1 Overall, hands down. He'd be a top prospect with the Matt Moore release, the Jake Delhomme trade, and the Jimmy Clausen suckishness

Posted by:
BleepBlopBloopBlop 01/30/11 07:19 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round

very overrated in my opinion id be surprised to see any team take him in the first round

Posted by:
vaughnbros 02/28/11 10:31 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I predict Vikings at #12.

Posted by:
UJ 03/23/11 08:37 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

wow everyone needs to watch ryan. he has the strongest arm in the ncaa easy with no doubt and half of his incomplete passes hit the recievers in the chest. they wrote reports and showed notes of broken fingers and talked about how half the time they couldnt see the ball. i watched the all star QB matches where he out performed all the top QB prospects and in the accuracy part he placed first as well as most of the other parts. he will easily grow to the next big QB and he will be amazing to watch i would love to see him at the bengals with ocho but the owner will never let go of palmer so i wouldnt mind the raiders picking him up it would certainly be better for them but my personal opinion he is the top QB out of all of them but that is my opinion... and he left michigan because nitch mustang left arkansas and thats where he always wanted to go he knew without a doubt he would start then.

Posted by:
MitchellBrockman 03/29/11 11:07 AM
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