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Jimmy Clausen Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: Independent
School: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #7
Height & Weight: 6'2 - 223 lbs.
Drafted 2.16 in 2010 by CAR

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

With all due respect to Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, the Fighting Irish's Jimmy Clausen has established himself as the best pocket passer in this draft. A highly touted high school player, the 6-foot-2 passer took the Notre Dame starting QB job in the second game of his true freshman year and never looked back. Clausen started nine games in 2007, throwing for 1,254 yards with a 56.3 completition percentage (138-245) and a 7-6 touchdown-interception ratio. The numbers are not mind-boggling, but put them with a visibly weak offensive line, a lackluster running attack and almost no speed outside, and they are a testament to his ability. Clausen had a breakthrough sophomore campaign in 2008, when he passed for 3,172 yards, completing 60.9% (268-440) of his passes with an impressive 25-17 TD/INT ratio. He threw for 3,722 yards with 28 TDs and only 4 interceptions this past year to solidify his status as one of the best signal callers in the country. The best QB prospect in his class. Has a strong arm and is capable of making all throws with zip and accuracy. Has an efficient setup and over the top delivery motion. Typically shows good power and touch on deep balls. Has improved his accuracy significantly during the past two years. Has a pro-style release. Usually definse the defense at the line, making pre-snap adjustments in pass protection. Is a deceptively good athlete. Shows quick footwork when moving in the pocket and consistently moves and slides to avoid sacks. Is very experienced in a pro-style offense set. Though, will have to work on his footwork. If his release is off, he struggles to put velocity on downfield throws. Hasn't produced much on underneath areas. Will scramble for the occasional first down, but can't take off and run for big chunks of yardage. Is not a vocal leader and can be rattled when the pocket collapses. Clausen is the best pure passer the draft has seen since Matt Ryan in 2008 and with more coaching he should develop into a top flight NFL quarterback. He is a sure fire top 5 pick with the real possibility of being the first overall pick.

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Prediction: 1st Round


Posted by:
sethmajewski 12/23/09 07:55 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

1st round all the way. He is way bettter than Bradford, McCoy, Tebow. He should be selected in the top 5. I'm thinking the Rams, Browns, or Redskins. He has way more accuracy then any of the other quarterbacks. He threw 4 picks and all of them were not his fault. But McCoy threw 13 and he still gets heisman reconition. Clausen will be Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees caliber. The good reciever thing is crap. Texas has Shipley. Tebow will not be a good nfl player at least at the qb position. i'm predicting Mccoy should go in the third round while Tebow in the fourth. That's if the GM was smart. Bradford will be the best out of mcoy and tebow but clausen will be much better. Jimmy clasuen is not Ryan Leaf. He is a 100 times better. What do you mean clausen can lead a team. Here's something imagine Clausen and Tate under new coach kelly. That is a national champinship in South Bend. GO IRISH

Posted by:
sethmajewski 12/23/09 07:53 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

The only reason why people like jgiddens believe that Jimmy Clausen will be a bust is because they obviously dont know what kind of offense Jimmy Clausen has been flourishing in, PRO STYLE, only a few teams wouldn't take him at this time, Seattle(they want a west coast quarterback so they will be looking in the second round for a successor to matt hasselbeck), Chargers(already have a franchise QB), Raiders(Gradkowski is out for the season not for his career), Giants(same as chargers), St. Louis(same as seattle), and last but not least Buffallo(they DONT NEED A QB THEY NEED RECIEVERS!!! T.O. Doesnt count)

My prediction is that he will go in the first round to the Washington redskins and get sacked 30 times but still put up 250+ yards a game he has dealt with adversity in the pocket and you won't need to have the greatest offensive line surrounding him although that would help a bit.

Posted by:
gpez2012 12/23/09 11:43 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

I've watched several ND games this year, so I have NO idea where you're coming from, jdgiddens. Although I'm not an Irish fan either, I recognize talent when I see it. Jimmy Clausen, while it's impossible how he'll fare in the NFL, has been one of the more efficient QBs in college football the past two seasons.

He has the arm strength to make every NFL throw, & is very accurate with the deep ball. When he took his team aside earlier this season, & challenged them to play better, it told me all I needed to know about his leadership. If he goes into the right situation, where he can sit & learn for a couple of years, he'll do fine.

Posted by:
cogan 12/06/09 12:15 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Jimmy Clauseon will be a 1st round pick I don think he should go very high though, His arm is not very strong and had Golden Tate do much of the work he is not a leAder He will be a bust

Posted by:
seahawks875 12/03/09 11:08 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I don't understand how you can actually believe some of the claims that you made jdgiddens!! I don't know how his career will fair becasue it really depends on the situation he is put into. Quaterbacks are very hard to predict as pro prospects. The scouts/coaches/owners look at the skills he shows at the college level and they predict how they will fare against pro talent. Clausen already has an advantage skill set aside because he is learning from a universally known mastermind on offense and QB development. It is widely known from game film, that Clausen has an NFL arm, meaning he can make all the required NFL throws for an offense (i.e. the deep out and long ball when necessary). I think he has proven that the past two years at ND. He has thrown 4 picks this year and if I;m not mistaken, one of them came from a bad throw!!! Thats very impressive considering that the don't have a strong run game. There was one particular play where he hit Mike Floyd in the back and it was picked off by a Navy defender. The receiver ran the wrong route. Had he turned around, he more than likely would have scored. His numbers have been phenomenal this year and he has only improved as a QB. He has the tools and ability to be a successful NFL QB, there is no denying that!!

I am not really a ND fan, I just am telling you what I see and what most other scouts see!! You sound like an anti-ND fan that only sees the uniform and not the player. I don't understand how you can make some of your claims!

Posted by:
djwitten 12/02/09 03:53 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

Seriously, he is only the most efficient passer in college football. Do you actually watch ND games, or do you just catch the highlights? Clausen will be just fine as a NFL QB. His ability to read defenses and his poise when behind in the 4th quarter are going to help him succeed. As far as him "slinging" the ball, that seemed to work out ok for a future HOF NFL QB named Favre. I'm not saying Clausen will have a Favre career, but he will succeed on Sundays, and maybe you will finally catch a whole game.

Posted by:
chicagor636 11/28/09 02:18 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round

Let me tell you, I think Jimmy Clausen will be the biggest NFL bust since Ryan Leaf. Truthfully, he's not a great athlete, and can't really "play." He has a very slow release, a weak arm (he slings it, using his body for help), is not especially mobile, and overall, he's just not really very talented. I expected a lot more from the nation's number 1 high school player when he came out. Let me tell you, this guy is extremely overrated. Charlie Weis should go back to the NFL, and this guy should go back to high school. He has no ability to lift his team either. He just looks like he's doing something out there, but he's really not accomplishing much. His stats are deceiving. He just can't "play." He's a completely constructed player. I don't think he'll make it at all in the NFL. Not at all. Am I the only one who can see this?

Posted by:
jdgiddens 11/22/09 10:14 PM
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