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Jimmy Clausen Scouting Report

Position: QB
Conference: Independent
School: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #7
Height & Weight: 6'2 - 223 lbs.
Drafted 2.16 in 2010 by CAR

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

With all due respect to Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, the Fighting Irish's Jimmy Clausen has established himself as the best pocket passer in this draft. A highly touted high school player, the 6-foot-2 passer took the Notre Dame starting QB job in the second game of his true freshman year and never looked back. Clausen started nine games in 2007, throwing for 1,254 yards with a 56.3 completition percentage (138-245) and a 7-6 touchdown-interception ratio. The numbers are not mind-boggling, but put them with a visibly weak offensive line, a lackluster running attack and almost no speed outside, and they are a testament to his ability. Clausen had a breakthrough sophomore campaign in 2008, when he passed for 3,172 yards, completing 60.9% (268-440) of his passes with an impressive 25-17 TD/INT ratio. He threw for 3,722 yards with 28 TDs and only 4 interceptions this past year to solidify his status as one of the best signal callers in the country. The best QB prospect in his class. Has a strong arm and is capable of making all throws with zip and accuracy. Has an efficient setup and over the top delivery motion. Typically shows good power and touch on deep balls. Has improved his accuracy significantly during the past two years. Has a pro-style release. Usually definse the defense at the line, making pre-snap adjustments in pass protection. Is a deceptively good athlete. Shows quick footwork when moving in the pocket and consistently moves and slides to avoid sacks. Is very experienced in a pro-style offense set. Though, will have to work on his footwork. If his release is off, he struggles to put velocity on downfield throws. Hasn't produced much on underneath areas. Will scramble for the occasional first down, but can't take off and run for big chunks of yardage. Is not a vocal leader and can be rattled when the pocket collapses. Clausen is the best pure passer the draft has seen since Matt Ryan in 2008 and with more coaching he should develop into a top flight NFL quarterback. He is a sure fire top 5 pick with the real possibility of being the first overall pick.

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Prediction: Undrafted

I did not mean 1st rounder in the above comments! I meant 2nd.

Posted by:
catsdog2 11/09/10 01:03 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Okay jdgiddens, you were 100% right and everyone else who even felt Clausen had a shot to make an NFL roster was 100% wrong!

Clausen is a very poor excuse for an athlete. he has NO arm strength. He folds easily under pressure. He is not tall enough to see over the offensive line. He has NO mobility and that is not even one third of his issues. He is just not a pro football player. Also, those who thought Tate was any good at all were also WRONG!

There was a reason 31 teams ran away from Clausen in the draft! Only the mistake riddled Panthers were gullible enough to draft him. He was at best an UFA!

Posted by:
catsdog2 11/08/10 05:22 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

Whoever said JC would be a total bust was exactly right. He is so bad that he was benched in favor of Tony Pike. That is very, very bad considering Pike is not really anything more than a glorified practice team player.

Posted by:
catsdog2 11/08/10 05:13 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

On paper Clausen sounds like everything you could want in a QB, but I ain't quite sure he's gonna be able to do it. He has a weird throwing motion but has a run a pro-style offense throughout his college career. Notre Dame was never elite during his time there, despite excellent numbers his senior year. I'd say he has second round value and will get the bust label. He can't lead a team with his demeanor.

Posted by:
jnols 04/16/10 04:32 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I believe Seattle will jump at him at 14th pick

Posted by:
davidbuskirk 03/06/10 04:46 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

He'll get drafted high. he's a potential gamble however due to the fact he's a junior in college. i know that doesn't seem like much of a factor but if he goes to a place like KC & is thrown to the wolves then he will certainly get eaten up. If he goes to a place like Cincy, where he has to take the back seat for a few years, he'll certainly be able to learn the QB craft from Palmer.

If he is given a team to start on right out of the gates, like Sanchez was with the Jets then he will be set up to fail. Sanchez had his problems but was pretty much over ridden by the fact the Jets were one of the best running teams in the nation.

I am afraid that Clausen will find his way to the line up in KC due to the offensive line coach connection. The system will be laid out for him that will be what he's familiar with but KC just dumped a malcontent runner & will have to find another one before they go after a QB. That is my way of thinking anyway; if you have a decent runner then that will allow some lead way for the QB to develop.

If there isn't a running back of any caliber then Clausen will be a target for the whole year; his jersey will always have grass stains on it...

Posted by:
mixpix 03/01/10 03:10 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Outstanding QB ! Will be one of the best players to go, and might be the best QB to get drafted. He has the skills learned from Weis and friends, and its hard to beat that type of training. ND might not of had a great year but their players are second to none.

Posted by:
galtline 02/20/10 01:14 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I also think Claussen is a mix between too highly thought of and serviceable as a QB at the next level. I am from California and have seen him play since he was a 10th grader. He has solid fundamentals (a positive), a good arm (not great) and is fairly intelligent (another positive). What I don't know about is his work ethic and ability to study and learn what opposing defenses are trying to do. That is why scouts have to interview his college coach and talk to him. That is what seperated as Ryan Leaf vs. Peyton Manning (had little to do with raw talent). If Claussen is a workaholic in the film room and a leader the Rams should select him #1 but if not then take Suh and wait until round 4 to get Tebow.

Posted by:
krs123 02/15/10 11:17 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

Clausen is the best QB in this years draft. He has 4 years of experience in an nfl offense so hell be ready to play imeadiately. He has great accuracy especially deep. Watch the highlights from the Stanford game when he dropped a pass in to Golden Tate. He could be taken #1 overall.

Posted by:
sibo 02/09/10 10:55 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

I'm astonished by what I've read. Jimmy Clausen "spins" the ball--he had an average arm at best for a college quarterback. Colt McCoy has a much nicer and more natural throwing motion than Clausen. Clausen was completely unable to lift his team. His stats were good, but were also deceiving and don't tell the true story. By the way, I watched ALL of the ND games on TV, and, I love Notre Dame football. I'm just saying I saw this kid coming out of high school and couldn't wait to watch him at the college level--and yet saw that he has very little talent! I couldn't believe how overrated he was. It was because of his brothers and that he has ideal size. But there's not talent there! The team that gets him will discover that he's simply not a good enough athlete to make it at the NFL level. I'm not saying I don't want him to make it; I'm just saying I don't think he will--no way, actually. He is a pure straw man. He lofts the ball all over the place. None of that stuff will get anywhere near to effectiveness in the NFL.

Posted by:
jdgiddens 02/08/10 11:09 PM
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