LaMichael James Scouting Report

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LaMichael James Scouting Report

Position: RB
Conference: Pac12
School: Oregon Ducks
Year/Status: Drafted
Jersey Number: #21
Height & Weight: 5'9 - 185 lbs.
Draft Prediction: Third Round
Drafted 2.29 in 2012 by SF

2012 NFL Combine Results
40-Yard Dash4.45
Bench press15
Vertical jump35.0
Broad jump10'3
Three-cone drill6.88
20-yard shuttle4.12

2012 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

LaMichael James, RB, Oregon

University of Oregon Ducks running back LaMichael James is an undersized prospect with quickness that will provide an exceptional change-of-pace presence in the NFL. James isn't a workhorse, yet that shouldn't be considered a big negative. Today's NFL revolves around players who excel in particular scenarios or niches.

James has good speed. He is more quick than fast and shows some seriously explosive elusiveness. He will get caught from behind on long runs. Offenses will need to get him the ball out in space since he doesn't do much to break free from tackles. He has great hands and can quickly turn upfield with the ball in his hands. James sometimes looks for the home run and needs to mature in the sense that he can't break every single play. James rarely churns his legs to get those small extra yards after contact.

There are some injury concerns with knee problems over the last two seasons. There are no structural knee concerns. He was also arrested on a domestic violence charge in 2010. James would make a great compliment back that will shine brightest on passing downs. He also has some limited experience on kick and punt returns.

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Prediction: 2nd Round

to small but is fast as lighting

Posted by:
rt847618 11/11/11 10:02 AM
Prediction: 3rd Round

Just like the success of Cam Newton has helped elevate the stock of RG III the play of Darren Sproles in New Orleans has helped enhance the draft value of LaMicheal James. James is an excellent pass receiver and his explosiveness in the open field makes him a potential force in the return game. He is not an every down back but I think he could still make plays between the tackles when giving the opportunity. Playing with a great QB and a stable organization could be the key to success for James, three places I could see him fitting well are; NY Giants, GB Packers or SD Chargers.

Posted by:
owensm01 01/06/12 11:27 AM
Prediction: 3rd Round

Being from Eugene I love this guy but to be honest his size really hurts him in the NFL. Other than Sproles the smaller RBs don't fit in NFL like they do in college. If he stays in the league for a long time it will be for the same reason Sproles had stayed in his years at San Diego. Speed, quickness and missable. He could excel in returning kicks but I don't see 200 carries out of him. Maybe 100 if he stays healthy and works on bulking up.

Posted by:
MCJ622 01/15/12 09:49 PM
Prediction: 1st Round

I think Cincinatti won't pass up the chance to add an explosive back like this to their young team. And they have plenty of picks so they can afford to take a chance on a highly productive college back who might be undersized. Small backs can succeed in the NFL because they don't teach tackling. Ex. Barry Sanders, Warrick Dunn, Ray Rice, Jahvid Best (isn't very big or durable), sproles.

Posted by:
enger_arron81 02/01/12 11:31 AM
Prediction: 1st Round

I think 3rd round to Tampa Bay Bucs. I love this guy very fast and elusive will compliment another back in Tampa that was also a Duck. James whould really be a change of pace from Blount's bruising style. He whould be the perfect pick for us in the 3rd. God knows we need so
me explosiveness.
posted by:
Bucup 02/17/12 10:17

Posted by:
Bucup 02/17/12 10:19 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round

Will be an injury prone back whose only asset is speed. And that won't help him as much in the pros as it did in the college game.

Posted by:
Pouncey53Fan 03/10/12 01:54 PM
Prediction: 3rd Round

I don't know video De Lima has been looking at, but it isn't of James. From what I've seen, he DOES churn his legs upon contact, is almost impossible to catch from behind, & blocks the blitz well. This kid is going to break so many ankles in the NFL that teams will have to hire a specialist in that field.
I see the Browns taking him with the 67th (3rd rd.) to be the perfect compliment to Trent Richardson, whom they will take in the 1st. They are both 5-9, which allows them additional leverage over tacklers. James will be the home run hitter for Cleveland for the next 8 season.

Posted by:
cogan 04/03/12 03:43 PM
Prediction: 2nd Round

picture him and washington but i think indy gets him

Posted by:
chefpace 04/26/12 12:04 AM