BYU Cougars Football - NFL Prospects and Players

BYU Cougars Football

Current NFL Prospects from BYU

Name Pos. Prospect Year Status #
Cody Hoffman WR 2014 Junior
Kaneakua Friel TE 2014 Junior
Kyle Van Noy OLB 2014 Senior 3
Robertson Daniel CB 2015 Senior
De'Ondre Wesley OT 2015 Senior
* indicates scouting report has been updated within last month

Archived Scouting Reports from BYU

Name Pos. Prospect Year
John Beck QB 2007
Bryan Kehl OLB 2008
Austin Collie WR 2009
Dennis Pitta TE 2010
Max Hall QB 2010
Matt Reynolds OT 2012
Ezekiel Ansah DE 2013

Active NFL Players from BYU

Name Pos. NFL
Ezekiel Ansah DE DET
Austin Collie WR FA
Bryan Kehl LB FA
Dennis Pitta TE BAL
Kyle Van Noy LB DET
*Does not include offensive lineman

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