TvTshow's Post-Combine Mock-Mock Draft (Round 1)
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TvTshow's Post-Combine Mock-Mock Draft (Round 1)

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Author's Comments

Hello :) Thank you again if you view my mock draft page, I appreciate so much the interest in my opinion. I actually work really hard at viewing a lot of these picks from different perspectives and to be honest I'm still getting a feel for where a lot of players are being slotted to be taken. so you could hold me to this prediction, if you want, but it's going to change, I'm probably going to do one or 2 more mock drafts and take a second to view how everything shakes out before I officially take about draft needs. so with that said, lets do this XD

1 - HOU: Jadeveon Clowney, DE , South Carolina
Until The last moment, when i'm officially held to my predictions, I'm going to Avoid This Pick at ALL COST. i'll go as far as saying HOU should Take Jerry Ricecake right now. He's the best player you could impossibly get and has more value than any player in this draft to me. But more than that, of the 3 Qb's i not only don't know who HOU likes, i don't even know which i like more of the 3 yet. so i'll just avoid that for now. Though i don't like Clowney as a top 5 player everyone else seems to
2 - STL: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
I Originally Disliked this pick because i didn't see the Value in taking a RT this high. for me, if you're going to take an OT at 2, He Better be a LT. and i think to myself that even if STL did happen to lose Saffold to FA, They'd still have Long, whose a pretty good LT. But the more i think about it, the more i realize that i'd like Jake Long more at RT. So just for the sake of taking the best player avaliable if STL absolutely needs to take Greg Robinson at 2, i guess they could if they want.
3 - JAX: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
Manziel is the Biggest Draft Anamoly EVER. some think he should go #1, some think he should go in the 20's, some wouldn't even take him in the first 3 rounds. it's like the scouts community didn't even talk about him for a consensus. Reportedly JAX is in love with him. I'm unsure whether that's because they feel like they HAVE to be in love, understandable for a team with no franchise face or if they truly fell for him. JAX is just lucky for now in my mock,they don't have to trade up to get him.
4 - CLE: Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida
Being from CLE, i'm invested in this pick, i'm not sure that i'll ever be objective about my perspective on it, but i'll try my best. i'm of the thought that, Brian Hoyer deserves another look at being starter in CLE. but even if, his only issue is that he's hampered by injury, it still leaves instability at the QB spot. which CLE can no longer afford. i hear CLE likes both Bortles and Carr. Even though, for me, Both QB's tape isn't stomachable for the top 5 and it's risky to pass on bridgewater
5 - OAK: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
OAK could take any of the Top 10 players on the board at 5, and whether it be, because of injury or lack of skill under contract, he'd walk in and instantly be the best player on the team. i think one of the tougher less talked about debates of the offseason, is whether Pryor, in fact, can improve at all? if the answer is indeed, yes, i think OAK can look to fill more Dire needs at 5, and not only get him a weapon/toy to work with but also be able to take the best player on the board in Watkins.
6 - ATL: Khalil Mack, LB , Buffalo
ATL is sitting pretty at #6. the reason being, is that not only are they able, to move up and back with the pick potentially, but after the top 5 teams kill each other, (mostly over QB needs) at #6 because ATL has a QB, the best player avaliable is bound to fill a need on their lines, one way or another. Now, between the two top pass rushers they'd probably rather have clowney, but i don't think they'll be disappointed at all if they just stay at 6 and Mack is the player that's left on the board
7 - TB: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
my feeling is that they need to be more disiplined, which is ironic considering that they're last HC was a disiplinarian. TB needs to make Glennon earn the Job, but i'm all for the concept of oppertunity, and if you do wanna give him the chance to prove his worth, i think you do it, by giving him every single chance possible to succeed, and getting a reliable weapon inside the numbers, that can create even more mismatch problems than they already have on the field for TB, constitutes doing that.
8 - MIN: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
In contrast to the discussion about QB in OAK, which i consider to be Underrated, i think one of the more Overblown discussions about QB will be in MIN. in my mind theres no way, they can continue to play Christian Ponder and expect AP to honestly want to stay. unless you want him to Ponder going somewhere else.That coupled with MIN's new stadium, and he big play Offense Norv Turner brings with him. MIN would be Estatic Bridgewater fell this far and would bring a chip on his shoulder with him.
9 - BUF: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
At the end of the day BUF has done all a Young NFL team can do, when they decided they needed a QB they didn't figget or get nervous with they idea that they might not find the right guy. They Scouted the QB's avaliable, found one they were comfortable with and took him. which is more than i can say for a most teams, and they get credit for that. The caveat though, is that if they can't keep EJ healthy and protected, he'll never be the guy. and #16 last year, would be no more than a wasted pick
10 - DET: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State
There's a saying that, a Band is only as strong as it's weakest link. This is DET problem, They've had the same need for 3 years, and it's basically gone unaddressed. If they're wondering why despite all their seemingly great talent, that they still suck, they need to look no further than their defensive backfield. I don't know how Mayhew Kept his Job. For as well as a potentially great DL he may have built, but if he doesn't get somebody to cover something, i'm sure he won't have it much longer
11 - TEN: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
I can't figure them out yet. i probably won't figure out what they exactly want to do at the end of the day. which actually makes them highly dangerous, because with 1 pick, TEN can change this entire draft. not sure matthews isn't taken earlier but, this is obviously the dream scenario for both sides involved. it isn't like TEN doesn't have OL needs and who better to fill one of them, than the son of the teams best all-pro O-lineman in history who just so happens to be their current OL coach.
12 - NYG: Anthony Barr, LB, UCLA
The table is set for this to be a Trademark Organization Defining draft for NYG. it's bigger than the fact that they're 3 years removed from a title, or their still winnable division, or even that the draft pegged to be the most talented in-depth class in several years is in NYC. NYG is in Danger of losing it's original identity with how the team has gutted itself in FA the last few years. They lack Toughness and Disipline. NYG wants and needs a player that stands for everything they're missing.
13 - STL: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
I worry about STL, I just have the Sneaking suspicion that based on their Division, and on the fact that they seem consistently incapable of staying healthy at key positions. no matter how talented they may get or may be, they'll still be one of weaker teams in this league. meaning that if they can secure both a franchise T and WR in this draft they will have gotten a lot of value, but that in the future they'll still probably need more. it's for that reason, that they'd do well moving back.
14 - CHI: C.J. Mosley, OLB, Alabama
The entire CHI Origanization Should go to Jail right now. Not only was it a crime for a team this talented to be out of playoff contention and in the top 15. but it's also stealing for them to be able to get players that are this talented and still avaliable when they are picking. No 2 ways around it, they were 1 minute away from winning their division.They had to be missing something on DEF, that could've of stopped Aaron Rodgers from making such a big play, and C.J Could be that missing piece.
15 - PIT: Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville
i'm intrigued to see how PIT handles being the hunter in the north for the first time officially. Their traditional draft Philosophy is staying whereever they're slotted and taking the best player avaliable. But even after the numerous players they've drafted since their last super bowl which i believe is around 5 years ago. they still seem to continue having a widely viewed issue with getting younger, and the misses they've had are starting to add up. They need to be very careful with this pick
16 - BAL: Marqise Lee, WR , USC
After Sammy Watkins is off the board, Any team could take any receiver, and they would be fine, with a likely ultra talented athlete. it's that much of a dead heat between Wideouts. But Particularly Considering BAL situation at this time, which i'm sure, no one wants to talk about. they really need one of them. because at least it appears that their offense is officially in rebuilding mode lol. Lee would be a top 10 or top 5 pick in any other draft, so this pick could be made with relative ease
17 - DAL: Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama
Tony Romo and Jerry Jones are the living breathing proof that money doesn't buy you happiness, and the funny part about this is, it's for different reasons, for Tony Romo he can earn all the money he wants and it won't change the fact that he seems damn naear incapable of finishing off a playoff run, and for Jerry, it's the fact that you can spend all the money you want on players, it won't help you win. Only winners help you win, they need players with a winning attitude. they'll get one at 17.
18 - NYJ: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
I recommend they go and get the best WR possible in UFA. i prey they already have a deal done. while it is possible for a few of these players to fall considering their talent it's not too likely, they get the gamebreaker they need at 18 and while they could take brandin cooks i'm not so certain it's the greatest idea taking an unpolished route runner unless things are going to change with this coaching staff to the extent that offensively a REX ryan team actually has good coaching.
19 - MIA: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame
i'm not sure how MIA is going to react, having to draft another player with the last name martin but, They're going to have to do that, he's the best OL left on the board and they Need OL BADLY, and i don't just mean 1 OL player. i mean they need an OL in general. Just in case that entire positon group gets themselves fired. No team needs to clean their locker room more than MIA, who should look to start cleaning house, with a hard working, tough nosed proficient technician, that is Zack Martin.
20 - ARI: Darqueze Dennard, CB , Michigan State
The only thing on ARI mind should be, how to take the next step. They are the testiment as to how good the NFC west is, they had 10 wins and not only didn't win the division, they were 3rd in they're division and didn't even make the playoffs. they'll need everything they got last year from this team and clearly more in order to take that next step and make the jump into the playoffs, and Darqueze Dennard certainly counts as more for a team that needs improvement in any imaginable way possible
21 - GB: Tim Jernigan, DT, Florida State
The type of player GB needs, a quick penetrator who can play mutiple fronts, on all 3 downs, his quickness allows him to command 2 or 3 blockers as his size allows him fill multiple gaps, and he can play both the run as well as the pass, his only weakness being stamina. Players like Tim do everything well and what isnt perfect is just room for improvement.I Take that everytime. GB would get everything their DEF is missing, in one player. all they'd need to do then is find 10 more like him on DEF
22 - PHI: Aaron Donald, DL , Pittsburgh
PHI won the division last year with not only a Bad DEF but also a horrible home record and believe me when i say, that one complimented the other too well, and yet still they won this division. PHI has the chance to seperate themselves in this division. They need a Difference making physical presence on D, and get rewarded for their patience with the hottest player in the draft. he's dominated everyone, dominated everything. He could, should and likely will be taken earlier. at 22, he's a steal.
23 - KC: Kony Ealy, DL , Missouri
The lost they suffered in the playoffs was far more worst to me than the lost that DEN suffered in the super bowl. KC in general has taken a beating the last 2 years. whether it's having the first pick or losing in the first round to a team you had dead to rights going into the 4th. how do you recover from a loss like that? my guess? not to yield to defeat. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The message is as talented as KC may be, they still need more depth as well as #18 on the ground.
24 - CIN: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
For CIN, in this talent filled draft in particular, this is a Franchise defining pick. i don't care about perception, throw perception out of the window. Marvin lewis needs to understand the severity of the situation with andy dalton, if he stays with dalton and he attaches himself to andy daltons hip he will lose his job and take andy dalton with him. Knowing good well this isn't his guy. The only thing this team is missing is a consistent QB. It's time to get one and win a darn super Bowl Now
25 - SD: Dee Ford, DE , Auburn
The more this Process continues to unfold, the more it feels like Dee Ford would be an amazing fit at 25 for SD. He's known to be an undersized passrushing monster, Who else has a reputation for that, again? Dwight Freeney, who is a great who can not only mentor a pass rusher to get 18 on the ground, but can also get a double team or two off of him with a compliment pass rusher on the other side. now would they take a weapon for rivers off the board? Certainly not one with better tape than ford.
26 - CLE: Brandin Cooks, WR , Oregon State
This is under the Scenario of CLE going QB first, and not trading up to get the Qb they want. In this case, They start to build around that QB, in anyway they possibly can. he's fast and athletic, he just needs to play faster, and learn the route tree. Otherwise he'd easily be the 4th WR off the board at 18 to the NYJ. the best part about Having the Franchise QB in place is that the young team can start slowly growing together and CLE could become a dangerous one simply by taking the right guys.
27 - NO: Ra'Shede Hageman, DL , Minnesota
NOLA might have bigger needs but a versatile playmaker who can not only play inside on passing downs but also play DE in the 3-4 is too much value to pass on at 27 for them. They need to be a bit tougher, against the run, against the pass, as well as blocking for both and he certainly helps with the team attitude problem cause i'll tell you what, no one is punking Ra'shade Hageman. he could change the way teams look at NO just by getting in that uniform, it would obviously be the dream scenario.
28 - CAR: Bradley Roby, CB , Ohio State
CAR needs Help offensively. No Doubt about it. But if all highly rated offensive value is basically off the board by 28. Why not put the finishing pieces to what looks to be a masterpiece of a Defense? Particularly, when it comes to maintaining power in the NFC south which seems impossible for Any team to do, they can't play around here and act as an organization like they've arrived, it's the time to viciously pursue Winning a Championship and Great Defense is known to do that from time to time
29 - NE: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame
Bill Belichick is just the type of guy to take a chance on a injury concerned top 15 level prospect in the hopes that down the road they got a steal. still, i would be looking for the fanciest thing i could do with this pick including taking it and moving up, especially when you have one of the top 2 guys in the NFL under center. you can afford to go and get that game changing piece that can get you over the hump and win you a super bowl. This is the time and the team to make a move right now.
30 - SF: Jason Verrett, CB , TCU
SF has needs at CB and WR but only because they've missed constantly late in the draft at the position. if they had just taken the right player earlier they wouldn't have this problem now. but for that same reason, if they're going to take one at #30. They need to be careful, in ensuring they take a player that will help them continue to stay Competitive with SEA. The organization itself is at risk of letting that playoff lost eat them alive. SF must maintain focus because this picks importance.
31 - DEN: Cyrus Kouandjio, OL , Alabama
If i'm DEN, i have to take the baby gloves off for Ryan Clady, i don't care if LT is his spot, at the end of the day if he isn't healthy, he is endangering my team, and just little things like him being gone leads to my team getting getting our butts kicked on the grandest stage of them of them all. as far as DEN is concerned, if they ever lose like that again, it Cannot be because they lost at the line, which is what happened from the start of the game to the finish. its why they take Kouandjio
32 - SEA: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
If they can get a No.1 or 2 WR to compliment harvin. or a TE for a safety blanket down the seam. it must be done. if this offense can get a ting bit more dynamic in terms of scoring, i'm not sure, who would stop them. i'm really not, i believe they need a bigger target with a huge catch radius that can be the player that Sidney Rice just wouldn't be for them. if you can't pay wilson yet for winning a super bowl in SEA this year, the least you can do is reward him with a thank you weapon at #32.

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Friday, March 14, 2014 10:22 AM
Poor -- Did you even watch the combine bro?

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