pete1967's Mock Draft (Round 1)
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pete1967's Mock Draft (Round 1)

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Author's Comments

Hou: can't pass on Clowney. Could select a decent QB in R2. STL: Bradford needs the most explosive playmaker. JAX: Mack, too good to pass up. CLE: lands one of two best OT. OAK: should select one of two best OT. ATL: needs better protection for QB. TB: gotta go WR. MIN: simple,QB. BUF: Cooks is explosive playmaker. DET: selects best CB, Dennard. TEN: needs to rush Luck. NYG : Eli needs more protection. STL: addresses CB deficiency. CHI: man crush on Donald. PIT: big bodied playmaker/redzone target for Ben. BAL:ILB thumper. DAL: complete safety valve. NYJ: best remaining WR. MIA: versitle OL help. AZ: DL help. GB: safety enforcer. PHI: addresses CB need. KC: complimentary WR. CIN: shores up DL. SD: Irish chocolate anchor. CLE: intelligent QB with good progression/reads. NO: Another weapon for Rob Ryan. CAR: the obvious choice. NE: will probably trade back. SF: Bowman still recovering, Shazier is super fast. DEN: CB help needed. SEA: another large pass rusher for Pete.

User Comments

Sunday, April 6, 2014 9:21 PM
-- CLE obtains best OT & QB. Another weapon for Sam Bradford. Mathews won't get past OAK. Cooks climbing up the board. Evans to anemic WR TB. DET: either Dennard or Gilbert. PIT needs offensive playmaker, but love LBers (Mosey).
Sunday, April 6, 2014 10:36 PM
-- Outstanding and realistic mock draft.

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