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Fantasy Football High Stakes Player Profiles

Player Profles and Rankings

Michael Rader
Historical GPI Ranking: 148
2013 GPI Ranking: 439
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFPC2013The Predator6-5-00
2013FFPC2013The Juggernaut4-7-00
2012FFPC2012The RoadHogs5-6-00
2012FFPC2012The Juggernaut6-5-00
2011FFPC2011The Juggernauts9-2-011
2011FFPC2011The RoadHogs8-3-00
2010WCOFF20102 Grumpy Old Men4-7-00
2010WCOFF2010Mike Vick's MadDogs4-7-00
2009WCOFF2009Mike Vick's MadDogs8-3-00
2009WCOFF2009The Liquidators5-6-00
2008WCOFF2008The Liquidators3-8-00
2007WCOFF2007The Liquidators7-4-00
2005WCOFF2005The Liquidators6-5-00
2004WCOFF2004Leavin Beau7-4-05

If there is a missing contest result or you were a co-manager and are not listed with that team, email us and we will look into it.