Founded in 2004, Rotobowl—powered by SCOUT—is the most established national fantasy football tournament in the country. Since its debut, Rotobowl has introduced innovative gameplay and awarded millions of dollars in cash prizes to keep skilled fantasy GMs coming back. To celebrate 10 years, we’re doubling the 2013 Grand Prize and adding a joint competition with eye-popping payout!
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$50,000 Grand Prize

Rotobowl’s Tenth Anniversary is the perfect time to crank up the stakes, and we raised the winnings from $25,000 to $50,000! All Rotobowl league champions will gain entry into the three-week “cage match” (weeks 14-16) for the right to take home massive coin.
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$500K Is Nothing To Mock

Mock drafts aren’t just for practice anymore. Our Mock Draft World Championship competition puts your raw draft skills on display: Draft your team, then our system will optimize your roster every week. Simple! If you’re savvy enough to navigate the minefield of rabid Rotobowl GMs and sit atop the MDWC standings, we’ll gladly award you $500,000.
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